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2022-07-05 16:47:58

5 Jul 2022 @ 16h45 - South African Cities Network

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so the latest statistics african report paints cities a rather worrying picture of a country with unemployment and poverty on and the increase according to the report the cape town has highest life expectancy in comparison major to other cities in the country with unemployment highest the in the nelson mandela bay municipality report the as published every five years south african cities by the network and mini from the demons is network and she is speaking us today with to regard to this report morning good afternoon and welcome to radio islam international highly highly good after good afternoon and thank you for having us a right this is quite worrying picture that what is we are looking at the background to the cities report state of and what are its aims and purpose thanks to that question so the of cities state report has been compiled south african by the cities network for the better part of two decades and its initial intention intention was was to make sure that the issues and challenges and and performance and conditions our cities in and the information around this made is part of the national development discourse to raise and awareness around the challenges things and positive that are happening in our cities okay so which cities did you focus so on on what what where where the the issues issues and and that that you explored we focus so on all the metros africa in south so this is very much a national reports and we also focus on municipality some duzi because south african cities network who the report produces is a membership based organisation and the metros all of the metros of or the exception me of cape town are actually mean of the network hence we focus on those particular cities also because those thirteen really are key in terms of the performance dynamics of all municipalities and our cities being they are metros that so what were your main your findings findings with regards to the analysis on how cities have address challenges utilise and obviously season obviously opportunities being affected are being affected are have affected changed and sixteen since two thousand years so findings some of the main include that you know our definitely cities has grown we've grown in terms of population growth in terms of the number of dwellings and actually what we found is in terms of basic service delivery at the minimum metros have our really maintain service delivery so example if there for was everything singh fifty fifty homes with water in two thousand and they've managed sixteen to maintain that but that doesn't mix obviously speak to the expanded service delivery need for given our extensive population growth but what what most importantly the report does is show that we've got a number of challenges within our cities that have remained since twenty-six in these challenges actually have been have actually been on four coming on for coming better part of twenty the years and nothing is really new but what it that does show is that some of these problems have been exacerbated definitely and are requiring more and urgent attention more and looking at whether these municipalities and in particular let's look at msunduzi quite i'm affair with msunduzi because i hail there so from i'm curious to know what cities have opportune they been utilising because the in a lot of people know that the the that msunduzi municipality is an rather dire straits at at this particular moment yes so enough interestingly report does highlight that despite the great challenges that we face can do as he does and very well illustrated in the report particularly the city story on or the the case case on municipality municipality study study on that that that is part of section of the report two the leadership of municipality recent duzi really has made a concerted effort to get to grips with regard to the challenges within itself within the municipality itself and with issues deal related to the local government system that spill over and result in as issues such poor service delivery service delivery such as all those challenges that are affecting the citizenry and how does the picture change with to unemployment regard and poverty and impact what is the of this on municipal last coffers since the report was published so with poverty unemployment and i think it's no surprise that and unemployment poverty and inequality act in actual fact statistics remain quite poor and part the the reason reason for this this is is obviously obviously for the the effect of the pandemic covid-19 which has really accelerate our unemployment at rate a national level and obviously reflected this is in cities as well so in of the impact and terms municipal coffers i it just really think makes it harder for municipalities to to keep the revenue in terms of municipal bill payments from that so that's an increasing i mean and growing challenge especially as citizens struggle more and more so my last question then would be where do we go from here this picture that that's as being painted pretty dire so are there any solutions that the report may put forth ja so the report actually dramatically very much focused on how local government really government government and all spheres spheres of of actually actually need need to to work work better better together also and work with other sectors develop of society to a social compact to to make better things but what the core recommendations that out in the report really are trying to say that we need to get i local government that because this is where the battle for south africa in terms of making those socioeconomic changes is going to be won or lost it's going to be won or the local level lost at and hence we need to to to fix local six local government governments make it work as intended but also to to devolve the funding and involve the authority from other spheres of government went the local needed at level to actually assist local government to do things better morning thank you very much for taking us through be interesting that report to to read through it and what some see of the findings on say become more one one last thing do you you is is something something and and this this that's that's just just an opinion you may how that that do you think communities that that and should be more involved is happening with in what regard to their cities become a little more clued up so that they can actually hold their municipalities responsible yes absolutely and and as much as we've report developed this and i mean the sport report its focus on with how cities are performing the conditions in cities and and yes we really tried push this report was municipalities because we hope we to actually using this information informed the work of people in government on who work urban issues but that being said obviously we want to maximise our footprint with report to this the general public and also civil society organisations academia with the intention of people empowering to actually become involved and engaged in whatever way the in the development of the development of the city's because city i think we've been as citizens i speak for myself here as well as a citizen we we we are relatively complacent in terms is happening of what in our cities but also nationally even if we look at what's eskom happening with and it's it's really becoming apparent our country in and that we are really as the general public and civil society to have really going to use information to our to our to advantage to advantage facilitate to change four to absolutely and i totally you on agree with that thank you for your time much appreciated here on radio islam international thank you okay so much by that was monique diamonds from south african cities network us about talking to the report that they've put out one done every five years paint and it does a very worrying picture for our country i don't think anybody needs to be told because we are seeing exactly and i think what is happening a lot more more be be done done a a needs needs to to lot lot more more from our side as citizens as well well it's almost time