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21 Apr 2022 @ 19h30 - SA Cities

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minutes after seven o'clock cannabis here listing to on khaya nine five nine shift gears now obvious that to focus on a story really speaks to all of us as citizens right and residents we of the cities that live in but have you ever wondered what the city you live in is like for some of us who are in johannesburg has joburgers do have a question what's state of the the city and how compare prior to to does it that that of of others others in in well the the country country to tell us more about the concerns and themes that have been south african raised by the cities network we joined of the city's report the state twenty-one for two thousand and and to give us some to how insight as best it is that we need to address urban governance issues on the we are joined line by sithole mabanga the ceo of south african cities network mabalwa so much for joining us thank you sithole sithole the show welcome to the welcome show to tell you what will i'll look to sort out those connectivity lines hopefully there is no shedding hopefully load there is no other audio but we will concerns conversation be sure to get that with sithole mabanga going some insight to give us into the fifth edition of south african cities the network state of the city's report now it will be released overall tomorrow but the number of strong points that that highlight the whole of government sassa society sassa society and all of approach approach does need to be rampant and we need to see an adequate addressing of financial health corruption environments climate and of course other to issues that really speak to governance and these are the questions that we're looking to have terms answered in of understanding what the yardstick is the performance what actually has been how governance continues also to play a key role i guess and how cities and local municipalities had managed under these particular points c will also evaluate which cities are proved to be quite productive and what it is that drives that economic regions economic zones and the job opportunities might also be present that in some of these cities and how that is also guess influenced i if you take a look migration at urban right the increase people in the number of who move to specific spaces in society to actively participate in the growth prospects that remain there also unpacking themes like sustainable naturally cities referring to as the environment as inclusive well as inclusive well as city cities that's an interesting and one because if you reflect on our permit point guest and we the conversation had with petty moroole designer and founder of the architecture as well studio as urban design mma design studio he highlighted that architecture and design is something that does play pivotal a role within the performance of of course societies and our social psyche and economic benefits that we also received so these are some of the themes we that need we to need to cognisant of be cognisant be of but as mentioned taking a look now the at south african cities network state city's report of the for twenty twenty one which weighed on the line by sithole mabanga who the ceo of the south is african cities network sithole welcome to the show much google thank you very hear are you are now able to me loud and clear thank you so much i know sometimes it's technical gremlins blame it on the we network sometimes shedding as well its load but grateful to have on the line with us this evening you you thank good know i good could i hear could hear no you right you through i felt and a bit challenged by what are saying no you problem and pick perhaps it's actually up on that right the first first just to things get some clarity in perspective regarding the south african cities network and importance of the the state of the city's report that has now been published edition in its fifth help us understand why this matters some of us might because think cities are cities are city as long on in waters as the lights are running i'm happy and imagine as long i as your livelihood is important it has a geographical point of reference and if you are employed in one way the other or or you are creating jobs in other words you know responsible for driving particular business a ultimately who governs you in in that geography in matters and and what policies they then drives also matters that's what matters and i think about the state of cities report it's a comparative report report that looks that looks at how is at we governing how are across the the the the cities the in south africa particularly the metropolitan municipalities and what is sometimes referred to intermediary as the cities other people choose the the word the the secondary cities but i think importantly it's in fact just across the whole landscape of municipalities how are we being governed are we being productive enough in other words are we contributing to the economy economy that that in in the the way way we we are are some supposed to are we becoming more sustainable in other words are we responses to the ecological demands but ecology has placed on humanity are we becoming inclusive know enough you in other words are we under delink the apartheid space and the apartheid we inheritance that have had a society that's it important what makes definitely it it highlighting something important themes that speak to us is directly directly first first question question and and the the that that many many of our listeners be thinking is okay might well how african cities do south compare and fair and maybe we can focus on the three major nodes and cities ethekwini johannesburg maybe even capetown so clearly the gauteng innovation which is the gauteng region which comprises city of at least three metropolitan municipalities is the biggest contributor for instance the to gdp of the country in other words the gdp of the country is very much highly dependent on how it is that three municipalities these and their sister municipalities not necessarily that are metropolitan municipalities are functioning but for for for the gauteng municipalities to function better they are equally dependent on the coastal municipalities which are cape town on the one hand and on the other hand ethekwini extent that to the those are suppliers and also the hiding the providing export oriented export oriented services and goods that are produced have in gauteng that to be exported outwardly parts are into other of the country so of interdependence there's a lot so it's not an easy simple tasks and to say which one is better onwards faring but what we know is some are that more stable than others at if you look least through the eyes state of the south of the african cities report is a look which at what has has happened happened the last last five five in in the years years of city governance thousand ie two and sixteen to two thousand period and twenty-one there's a lot of lot of instability has been a and i think you experienced it have all of us have experienced the coalition it governments that were formed during particular that term of office sixteen of two thousand and to two thousand and twenty-one have meant that in certain instances some have had of the cities no less than three mayors in less than five years clearly at level an institutional that's a sign of of instability instability and no one wants to be associated instability with at an institutional level whether it's private sector entity a whether entity it's a public sector we all ryk requires stability particularly a campaign level at definitely we do and require stability of course that also builds also confidence and i guess clarity and certainty of the delivery in terms of goods and services that are required help us unpack those mentioned as you've that given that these finance issues in a number remain of cities and see i do a long list of some of key cities that the you've highlighted in profiles does speak this i guess to a lack of leadership lack of governance there's that automatically into translate underperforming cities that don't really actively or participate score in bringing out the their populations best of well fortunately or unfortunately our system of governance as a country since democracy one is of interdependence the three between the three between spheres of government spheres ie local provincial as well as national so a national what happens at level tends to have an impact on what's happening at a local level vice versa and and sometimes what happens at provincial level a will have an impact on happening in national what's and sometimes at what's happening at a local government level lot of interdependence so there's a and i think this that's what report begins to to to to question to it says says the the constitution as good it is has given us a direct director which is a director of operating society a we come from various backgrounds poverty backgrounds of and the grounds of affordability and the future yet but the constitution has outlined us is a for future where have be all of us it have to be included the notion so of inclusivity however the most ingredient important ingredients for for us us to to be be able able to to achieve seventeen interest nonracialism and all of those bold principles is cooperation and the report is saying unfortunately we have not been cooperating show you have that's why the type of cities that have that's you why you have the type municipal governance of that you have many other and there are ingredients that you can in then throw to then make up the aggregate what is of that is lack of cooperation many and cooperation may receive a2 up as the what challenge is it surely it by just having we can fix everybody get along i'm assuming but that the the the difficulties lot greater a than that are their proposed solutions as to how we can improve on the effectiveness of our cities we are in it's about part the notion that we have ingrained unfortunately in ourselves where government is itself government for or possibly the alternative way it is of putting government is governing and children's l students everybody else that the re the reality is we should all be govern we should all be concerned about what is happening government in we don't all have to be mayors we don't all have to be city managers and executives or whatever role there is in their respective municipalities or municipal institutions but it doesn't help us if other parts society of civil by way of example become disengaged doesn't help it if the corporate citizen words in other the private sector private sector engages engages from the the terrain of governance governance not a four is chair of one and the other not it's a photo of everybody has the else report talks about the need an all for of society and whole of government on matters of local government so if term google your is not running or is not delivering water if you have potholes not it should just only be the concern mayor sugar of the the concern of society of everybody of the everybody concern and else and else how that then how happens will have will differ from one geography or one municipality one community on to the other but ultimately fundamental the is that we must all be involved if we are concerned about achieving of the objectives the constitution and all of society approach sithole in treat if we look at pandemic the and as you say we joint saw a initiative in joint approach there from government sector civil private society to address needs and some of these i mean treat right now looking at the city of ethekwini natal and the kwazulu province where again it's been hit by devastation in disaster and one might raise question that do we the find that cities run effectively that and are well governed from an all of society approach in good times managed also to do well and perform in times well even of despair and disaster so a very long for time i think number quite a of voices have been in to get trying trying society to heed the call about climate change and the impact of climate change so what we are seeing in the eastern coast from as far north as umhlathuze used to be what called richards bay and as far south as port st johns in the eastern cape is not something new three ago for instance years in buffalo city london there in east was a flood almost into the the the the front area beach front area beach right right time in a short space of and the issue there is that these phenomena as among happening at a higher frequency as far back as twenty ten not mistaken if i'm there's been a call for of society all all of government or whole government of to start thinking differently about how is that we it are continuously a meeting making and ecology vulnerable and that was not been a south african just global call it's in been a a global car call but but there there has has been very limited response to why it is and that how it is we need to reduce our carbon emissions in order to prevent and avoid the catastrophes that we are having so thing that's the first unfortunately when it happens at the municipality we all look we forget have that we also played a role right quite and which is unfortunate because we think that government only government and can provide so seems to our societal problems when in fact we are some in one or the other major contributors business the or corporate citizen there are a major contributor us as individual households and the likes we are also contributors hands an the call for all of society towards co operatively governing a spaces that we live in definitely i appreciate sithole the insights shared with evening and i can us this be some imagine that there might in treat members members of of society society want want to to read read that that up up more and understand best they can how play a role where can we find more information and i guess are there ways and means within which do more through your we can organisation surely i think the easiest will be through the website will be releasing we the report so www sa cities dot dots maps that was the easiest however we are also going on roadshows across provinces particularly where participating cities cities or alternatively or alternatively members it is of members south african cities the network allocated which your intermediary are basically cities as well as your metropolitan municipalities we're going on a roadshow will be and that flighted on websites and particular tomorrow in as we launch will be releasing some of the very important information about simple like things how many sets of robots does ethekwini have compared to johannesburg what then difficult makes difficult is a is a buffalo breeze bridge in city also a bridge in johannesburg could be that in johannesburg it it's above where are we able to utilise data to make these decisions and is that data comparable does it make or our ability as the sphere of local government or as the fraternity it make it easy for does some us to question of the policies with which we have been requested by society to govern the cities the truth of the matter is that not as easy it's as it looks true not as easy it's as it looks so grateful but i'm that you've extended this to each and every one of us as members society that we of to can't just sit and look government to govern it's a and as joint effort you say and all of society approach sithole thank you so much time this evening so for your really appreciated google thank thank you you that sithole mabandla the ceo who is of the south african cities helping network us unpack the fifth edition state of the of cities twenty-one report for two thousand and tell and as you can tell as you can about who it's is not about who is it's not than the next doing better doing better ultimately all cities are interlinked in their certain nuances that influence their performance but the most important thing is to the dynamics understand of the different identify cities that we the needs that they require and course governance because of once that is sorted we are able then increase to make sure that we inclusivity that our cities are also sustainable more and that of course from and social an economic development point of view those also get prioritised factors lots to explore we've right hopefully given you something