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22 Apr 2022 @ 15h45 - South African Cities Network

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job creators six alright did we yeah did we earlier indicate earlier indicated on that on will that be chatting deputy to the minister of cooperative governance that themba he said meaning we are at the south african cities network report which is being delivered today in the theme of the report is a cooperative governance and all of society approach collaboration effective and partnership between urban sectors hello afternoon good to you deputy minister were you good capital good afternoon to all the listeners thank you so much for your time and really appreciate we it so maybe just the euro to explain to all and sundry people are listening in that traffic as we speak terms in of what what why are we and what is here the significance justices that this is a non-profit report in terms of twenty-one year the review of the existence south african of the work cities network at and cities network and cities network it's a network that ensures collaboration in line with the planning of how our cities should look like following the integrated urban development framework strategy now periodically i think this is the and risk fifty or sixty report we we we try and to mirror review how many municipalities of metropolitan spaces as we normally call them them look like look like are they within the framework how of ideally we thought growth will happen in terms of the patterns in terms of the settlement in terms of trying racial to close the and spatial divide for example created the by predecessor pre democracy dispensation is it still is it now cheaper for your mum travel to from home to work which was one of the ideals for example hence asian the creation in cities of in cities of integrated urban development transport you have your rea_vaya usable other they profitable yes the public transport not is profitable by design but it should services be sustainable but a user friendly ja you see a bus we to makoko knitting an empty on its trip in town and but not back in soshanguve for example what so so if you picked up that is of concern to you before we delve positives into the were of great that's concern and i think what my address was mainly that about is are udf can only happen in sustainable and productive municipalities because like any other thing for for it to develop and to drive it lends itself in a particular what south africa in which is a local it's it white whether it is all station it's a police yes it could incompetence be a national competence but but competence for that for that national to realise its functions and mandate municipality the must be functional clinic you could build a or hospital if there is no water there the doctor cannot perform operations is no power if there etc so the goal not be achieved will because the whole is happy table and not unfortunately the home is acceptable not at municipal level that is why have your lichtenburg you clover cases asked we have you trial she can get that that from from a a business perspective perspective business but but we we equally from a social a household perspective perspective have people go without water for days and and many other basic amenities that municipalities should should do so in response to this as municipalities have not to scratch even begin the surface with regard to development urban urban proper spatial planning local economic because remember development cities must develop regional regional economies ja court so if you can't people correct house your they will not be employed shall be no business that stays there and creates a pattern it makhathini because as it you speak just reminds me about this this lack of this handover if um which is quite prevalent in government where you you development view the of the city in inverted commas driven largely is by political ideas so if if i work for a particular municipality do well and i but my parties voted out of power is wherever comes in will do will out kicked me out and start their project own and then now it's even worse you even have in because certain cities multiparty governance and and and and and and to prolong just maybe my question as well is that when politicians go to campaign co government for local government elections elections that they do even scratched the surface not in terms of vision permanent their they talk about water and and electricity all of that which which is important but there are other underlying issues that speaks as well to continuity that speaks to all all other important elements in terms approach of their of the respective cities where are there i you also think about salga's salga well poor does research makes recommendations and people take those reports after events like these in the in bill the bill put them whatever and they and continue they with continue whatever with else else they want to do think we well i were tied to separate municipalities a began process which we have already been concluded to to to audit if if use i may that we'd and and for example treasury national says forty-three of the two fifty-seven financially are distressed extremely so and from from a service point service delivery point of view came in with in with we to said to a report a and report who and said who cabinet cabinet sixty-four of them don't even provide a basic on top of this forty-three so we moved incrementally now what is did m trying this to do in now re terms of aligning municipalities is putting teams that you are that i need to be aligned and put expects and professionalise session of local government to deal with that is mangaung a good example of course the store so that they saw as a guy was had hour we do there one me is no problem with what are we do cities we well run said we've looked into mangaung no less they've had than eleven twelve council the meeting since beginning of the term about they've never spoken service delivery there's nothing that what taking is happening over as national government following of course processes right cabinet get that senior appointed acting manager who started today day in and and say to them and to everybody as hold your horses where you are can try and do it on we people behalf of the who are not doing it alone water affairs so will bring the water specialist not a because and for example there are in areas mangaung mutual not past had water for the ninety days so that's three months stop non without a drop so you in a will bring department of water and sanitation bring you in the department of environment in terms of waste collection you so bring you in bring in team a team a will that come that in and also to give extend this because if we don't do that she capacity then it means you need to have teams which are two hundred and fifty-seven not be may sustainable let's talk about the positives because there are positive people who great rea_vaya enjoy grey there are people who enjoy how are you saying is that are people enjoys who city life i mean who there are people i mean they these hotel groups that are fare coming up we fare we with with everything under every one roof euro fuller picture different pricings and that and and all of right there are particularly here in johannesburg and pretoria at many other progressive cities night life there's proper live to that extent so what else would you point out as contained by the report in terms of what probably think you people might be interested to know well there has been development as and remember as i'm saying the integrated business of the running of this it looks into all deliverables you may not be happy about that do not have electricity you as a person the next but one has enjoyed ninety-seven it doesn't percent but mean that three percent is or meaningless you don't care about the country's led relative ninety-five ninety-six seven percent coverage moving target it's a because know as i'm sitting with you the somebody a shake was raising a shack in our but anyway way we have moved beyond ninety percent of nhi communities using our in terms of roadmap learning as well to be able to allow and assist works public as part of the plan cities in the but also extending into intermediate example cities for who msunduzi has been adopted programme polokwane in the umhlathuze richards bay rustenburg rustenburg many others and to be part of the i think that udf the through thirty-seven to in order be part of their planning because without planning ja you then everybody seats everywhere and now cities so are more receptive into designing life that is supposed ja use i had to the word binding because you know in in limpopo there was a time time when when were talking talking politicians politicians were about about building building a new city which in rustenburg the people are saying we waiting were excited for real via sort bus system of some but i mean i saw it and some other cities are collapsing so so and then i was so i i was i was was listening to somebody of johannesburg from the city yesterday talking about how next five years in the the population it's going balloon even to first person by five percent like soweto areas and all of to have that are going massive problems of influx are already and they bursting at the seams who groups of electricity and then all of those now shares some people are saying what happened building new cities to where it's building new cities one but mainly is maintaining own so more city linked to this programme is a small town regeneration strategy the five one hundred and five municipalities which have got small towns all of and them are almost dysfunctional to you go govern them big were go come from you to bed down you greedy else or whatever its former self you go small to any municipality so the this strategy is double their mega ones who you call them cities and small towns why cities evening booming it's it's because because of movement from small towns cannot generate economic crimes which cannot provide solution and people go like this greener pastures go look for when it's not even green sometimes anymore it also has to do school with their access hospital is everything is so out kids to thaba everything so this is what i'm not making comparisons with else between up between ourselves and ourselves and europe european cities are the worst but european cities have actually integrated innovation you know how you plant you how on so many maximise nando's base maximising space and all of that what i think that's scarce area that's one of the of the needs of the report if you will recall city of johannesburg in maboneng tried re to shape marks of course there many more should be examples of what we about are talking the dilapidated and it's working quite extensive an versus the reputation that is now rapidly increasing in some of these cities and times so the maximisation of spaces for make example will you think of of of spaces small as they are but they need to be experienced against and expect an expect in a particular in a guild of innovation out and spread to the world and one that's what was of the areas that are put question then is how the how how openness municipalities to innovation i young come across a lot of black kids who say to me years and innovation about robots for instance not need that does to be run cables i i can it runs can make so do it and when go to a they particular municipality there they knock and that that like like bags scum bags scum and they end up giving up social its so true innovation the room for implementation improvement nursing research and development that it to make sure groups and that's the fundamentals of bigger companies even on how they develop their markets and how they develop their products improve to on their market yes well we've started programmes which assist municipalities but to be honest with you were relatively not in that space a good a good example is example even is where even where given are given a grant we are we for example the department of minerals and energy sector municipalities well give you we'll a ten mega watts space you will permit for you at your own to way to to create sustainable alternative energy will which be able to sell it leads a citizen many to municipalities are up and but read we have what design programmes adopt that will municipalities into spaces how many municipalities without sit approving that's where my binding in argument comes we've run out of time deputy but i have minister to ask you there's with all of these grand plans report and what the contains i've always wondered whether we've got the right skill set these to achieve all of yes we need to be receptive municipalities as particularly to the extend our skill which set would want to to come and bring in skills could there be financial could there be technical nico could be could be technological technical to drive why don't in all we have wifi our and macro municipalities in all our particularly in rural areas ja that's just an expert skill which i need to allow to the municipality charged them away bill pay you they a percentage of what they making and are you let business run with that so we need to be receptive to that rather than being closed up good stuff thank you so much when we really appreciate