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13 Apr 2022 @ 13h45 - Insurance Ombudsman

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relebogile mabotja spoke did so what is happening with in kzn at all the moment the floods from there heavy rains many things have so been destroyed natural so we're talking disasters and short term insurance what exactly is covered you may think it will happen to me never as one of the news clips were saying is that we we would think some of these things neighbouring happen in our countries never to us but the damage look at that has been done in kzn so we are joined on the line ayanda mazwi by who's a senior assistant ombudsman short term for insurance and of all course we welcome of your calls double on oh double one eight three oh oh seven seven the the whatsapp whatsapp line line oh oh two two and and oh seven two two seven o seven o seven two one seven o two seven oh two that's the whatsapp line you can send through your messages questions voice notes and ayanda welcome you so much to the show thank for joining us grass called thank you for the opportunity to to speak on to this issue someone insurance perspective i would like but to start off by extending our thoughts and prayers to have lost the people that their lives and their loved and their loved ones and for those ones have been displaced that there has been a the devastating event overall and on a humanitarian level so i really just want to extend thoughts and prayers our to everybody that has been affected in kzn and i think well we as you rightly mentioned while we are speaking about what insurance can cover the lives that have been lost of the ones that are the ones to really really think and pray about so thank thank you you for for that that speak speak so so let's let's about about when it comes to short insurance what term exactly is defined as a natural disaster or disasters ninety-four specifically to what we're experiencing right now natural disasters will include damage storm and the flooding that we are currently experiencing and in the case of storm floods damaged and peril that is typically most covered in short term insurance policies and that be in respect would of are a lot of people talking about homes that have been destroyed but it will cover you the in respect of other risks that you haven't cover as your motor such vehicles as well as businesses their goods in transit if you had type that of cover plant and machinery and machinery business stock household contents so so that type that type of cover is of is is is forms part of the uncovered that enjoys for natural she disasters and when when look at and i'm you have not sure if you these figures maybe you can guesstimate do a when you look at people the number of that are sitting in particular houses with with and properties that are owned say would you that the majority of them have have buildings cover or not or not that many that many in my experience i and from what have seen the majority of south africans are unfortunately not insured particularly for household content and in some instances it is an issue of either not knowing the importance of having this type of a show or of affordability the issue i've had a the insurance at some of and they have a broad spectrum of cover over available on available on the market demand and it is there to your lower assist income home or property owners you can and you can actually shop around order to in get the type of cover suits that your needs and also suits your pocket because as we have seen in the years previously mentioned that a lot of consumers like this are is something that's not going happen to me to this if our neighbouring this happens in country but when we list annual report our last year we actually anticipated that there was going to be an increase in storm related claims that they will become prevalent more when they start to consider the changes in the weather patterns and that affected globally so south africa is not exempt type of feel to this so when you think about us as south africans and our habits you think do there is an attitude need and i've who people feel who feel this way this way about their about cars the and just insurance in general were they feel it's a complete like waste of money yet insurance is one thing you can never buy when you actually needed insurance is what refer is typically to as a grudge purchase and in this current economic climate when one has to review their budget unfortunately insurance premiums become one of those items that is kicked off the budget as as cannot afford i cannot afford i this but this what i would like to perhaps give some insight to consumers is an insurance premium of around five hundred a rand month for you to protect your from damage whole is nothing compared to the and thousands hundreds of rands that would pay have to in the event that your home your or or your or your motor vehicle or property is completely destroyed as a result of of such a catastrophic such a catastrophic event so event you have to weigh and the pros cons of having the cover and that is why i said it's important to with your insurer speak or broker appropriate to get the cover that meets your needs and also your pocket alright so let's talk about is happening what in kzn we've seen some of the damage which would be a combination buildings of infrastructures as well as household contents which would include your big ticket items you appliances televisions furniture when we talk about what according the to the law what the insurances should cover that maybe even clients of insurance are not companies aware of what are some the things that are compulsory of to be and maybe covered we can start with household contents so i'm not sure from able about to talk hopefully compulsory in interest the in in the the sense sense term insurance of of shock short your short term insurance contract guided by the is terms and conditions and different insurers have different terms and conditions so when i speak about terms and conditions i'm talking about the has certain obligations on you the as policy holder that are placed in terms of the on the contract you that will allow to have cover in the event are often of of an insured peril i'll an example give that of ensuring that during your property your property is maintained your be roof must maintained on a regular basis because if there is rain and the the the roof suffers your damage as a result leaching of it but the approximate cause of the damage was not because it rained it your roof was because was not properly maintained apply that would as an exclusion of cover are but there certain instances where i am not going to say legally obliged legally obliged to to but some policyholders i'm not aware have this that they type of cover and particularly this type in of revealed i mention for example alternative accommodation some of these are automatically insured by the automatically poverty your policy or already pay you've for it with an additional premium so its use has been displaced home as from your a result of the floods with your check issue so your broker policy check your they could be a provision that in the allows that is that that allows to request your you insurer to arrange alternative for accommodation you because your house is no longer habit bill or a debt with a and provide you certain amount of money you can so that pay rent to go somebody and if at somewhere else and these are that things these are the things we definitely of us are not aware many of and i also think with with some some of of the the banks banks and and those those kind kind of things maybe share with us what are the types of insurances that might arise from things like home loans for example i know if you purchase your vehicle now that most of the the it the what he called those providing the financing they not give will it or allow the leaves car to the showroom floor without you having insurance an or or what is what crypto so is your yes so what i'm asking what are some is of the insurances naturally that might arise because you were doing something like possibly else buying a car or a home loan taking out rub somebody koko home loan if you take a out a home loan with bank that has a product where offer they short term insurance to then you have the alternative of taking up up that that the home loan or the the whole the householders insurance together with the home loan that and might be actually administratively easier are however you not forced to take it out however that bank might have specific conditions wish to if you move your insurance show your short term cover to another insurer and as mentioned with you motor vehicles as well that you cannot just cannot leave the showroom floor unless you have taken out insurance so some dealerships have got particular insurers or underwriters new that they but you also do have the alternative to get your own insurance company or cover because you want to find something your needs that meets and what that particular dealerships ensure all the banks and insurers office might not least the specific needs that you want cover to so you need to speak then to them your broker your broker know and and you your bond holders in order to ensure that you are fully protected you in terms of so let's talk about an you know if individual you've seen i'm sure the videos some of doing the rounds on social media we houses completely damaged what what process be would the because we've heard of the of insurance stories companies making it very difficult the clients to get for payouts or assistance should that process that process what b be where the houses completely damaged and they have to vacate the property as an you sleep cannot even therefore the night it's not just tiny league because a it was raining alright so with the influx of tolls to happen that is going now i foresee that they be some claim may they might then delays be some in validating claims so if you can no longer live in the energy property and has not insurer has not insurer timeously yet yet responded to your complaint i that would advise you let the insurer can no knows that i longer had because going property and i'm to move it you have confirmed you do have that alternative accommodation cover and go ahead move because this is for your own personal safety and for the safety of family your move and just make sure that you have taken the necessary precautions to keep the appropriate all record in terms of that were the costs incurred and why you moved it was not habits why will take the damages pictures of to your property because as time comes the that they insure wants the claim to validate all their now office has investigate to a decision taken by validate the insurers to a claim all of that information becomes relevant and allows us to reach an appropriate decision in respect of the party's respect of the dispute or the in dispute between them between them so you can take whatever action we need to take so you can conduct emergency even repairs to make sure that the isn't additional damaged your property the weather service is anticipating that we're going to have more rains in the coming weekend so you can do those emergency repairs let your insurer know and also we do so use a reputable service provider and keep all the necessary we see and and photographs industry photographs in of the damage respect to your property essentially not acting is timeously in the current situation and i mean after those records are kept you wouldn't have had because the luxury of getting quotations and sending them and getting sign off you can go ahead especially if the it means difference between more damage than as it it remaining is absolutely that will be considered emergency repairs i would notify insurance the insurance in some but in but some cases it is a time sensitive situation i would definitely recommend that you do that however do conduct not major construct structural repairs to your property without prior authorisation from your insurer emergency so by repairs i'm talking about really just sure that italy there aren't any further damages your property to or that there leaks are no further or in issues about electrical damage water and and that sort of stuff but structural major repairs you need to get to validate to ensure that claim inspect your property and authorised those repairs otherwise you may be with the challenge faced we want be paid the tend to which are some of the challenges common that clients have when they approach ombudsman the just in terms of dealing with the insurance companies biggest one the is biggest not one is the understanding not the obligation terms of the in insurance contract insurance policy a is is a document that you need to read it you need to read and understand what is expected from you as holder the policy and then also understand what is expected of the insurer when we approach however our office the purpose of our office is not so that you know everything even if we do not overturned so as the insurer's decision to decision to reject your claim reject we will make what sure we do is explained in a way that you will understand this is why that your claim was not settled and these are your obligations in respect your insurance of contract so that going forward were better informed you and you can take better action in advance to ensure that the next time there is a level that is insured under your contract you do have ducks in level all our it has everything you have everything in place in place and the insurer will pay all valid claims the whatsapp somebody's ask on line heard of a rentals insurance and some other countries do we in south have that africa are that a what rentals insurance way position rent rentals rental show where you can in terms of your rented insurance unarmed at i'm sure maybe just talking being able about to share your household contents not one i'm hundred percent sure referring to what they are specifically but as a person is renting that a property you are entitled to ensure the the the household contents however the owner of the property the owner of building itself the because that is their responsibility is and there any damages to the property itself they they are responsible for the damage are responsible and to then prepare for them for a you as you a as whose person waiting that person property so the one they would be who would obtain insurance cover that respect in but you can share your household contents and you can contact you insurance should you wish to extend some of your to include cover some of the fixtures have put that you in the building that currently you are renting thank ayanda you so much for that mazwi senior assistant mazwi my apologies mazwi ayanda senior assistant ombudsman for short insurance term insurance we'll we love kept stuff that goes though