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2022-04-12 11:16:49

12 Apr 2022 @ 11h30 - Insurance Ombudsman

Insurance Ombudsman mentioned.

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the city more on this is now a you look unity you'll and just now i guess da to we again authority kazi legally going again um sebenza wednesday mabalwa by you phaki ombudsman got a guest um kumba where jonker short term long term insurance bore relebogile relebogile masibulele eskom gay lehohla nonhlanhla what someone assist black pilane siyaphila it nathi goes kakhulu kakhulu d forna um stay let's take a sale into a park for we ombudsman short term insurance needs anton savings when alright electoral bumping elena lalela makhaya insurance short term in the industry is available buti short term insurance is industry so as we ombudsman we are there as an option alternative solution so um mabogwana thinking on their one option among consumers there were had now you would have indaba i fire in london so you can imagine if you have a cell claim phone and then layer some i mean phone claim level now calculate another email is i also bandile patala ama lawyer um a court over a cell phone it wouldn't make sense economic so are we are we there there as a free as a efficient and fair dispute resolution option for more consumers nema insured or kwazulu natal more complaints way more aphelele in the short term insurance and then i call me consumers gain abantu insurance be short term specifically is colours needs is again the only as the are um global um khanyisa land khanyisa land end or at or durban gen a monetary value surety our thoughts prayers and go to all the families in durban let's see more about began in assisting a country in jonker my let's let's say against the academic also saw nomfundo khanyile kolomela which is your e home owner situation looking at the at durban ama floods in all easy mohlala motshekga must feeling among others so owners home owners home insurance as well you insure clerk or in real or your property now as a better india khosi better under i putting insurance cyril ramaphosa or or ten covered by years normal insurance coal number six charge nonhlanhla multi p one the swimming pool those all who are you into jaco form from of the whole property laws a day maxale attached to the wall ayanda and up so anything unless of my corner icala is into as into your colour in noncompliance with the building requirements so i won't abantu aba was um nomvula more building requirements i think i again think sekela um um i overberg also booms um again about um somebody the name you take of course i wasn't telling about us a company and so so liberty non umlazi other orlando airlink mari two indices buti or um tata o t mlambo mafadza never matters forget jan so abantu above murray liar they want another car with vanilla lonmin one don't information get the information when i'm about when i'm also lied also our so cool ubaba kyle mandy mahlangu czarnecki linking up almost mabandla my insurance claims will be a challenge there key are government conundrum when there were no and regulations as contends and to now i wanted mean limited um a traffic money growth now our mteto as many home as among owners among owners among our land and million miller so abantu they realise twenty almost makalima some even here for the first time camera regulations uma in because the club and again into and then i love if we condemn boso more than double lazenby king affords kumba normal law point jaco good corner too easy isn't to its nicholas's khanyile leases john gil mahlati mr umuntu all of our welcome business again farmers or beauty about zar makhaya whereby now understand i must say my my monday now you my professional none of lasting or baleka we stand at the first time again i sanlam say we spend land about money for our land money for or began making so manner and the challenge mabutho um their monthly trampled or in we colour policy just make sure you get the proper advice maturity of plan approved booking thing is with mentors um class i may at least like to um busy weekly okay i'm requirements must than they building regulations busamed panama even the abundance even they've law or adjusting undone adjusting to the normal checks that she would um coming out from who cut corners of couple a year ended the one side which is um on sample mandela y cele let's it a shot day call you are actually not plant icala economic customer corners so makhaya abahlali abulela millions fundi isn't of right start start from the ukuze with the former icasa hamba severe says pounding the malahlela linking allow corner trump ama claim ghana mobile email i q1 underline limited smes in africa could three point two years the point of would say abantu matshela through um i mean in tongaat intimating is within mama defect so nalla top of enter on their year and which on they rely the previous owner cos endeavour mr and i would former went commanders were days isizulu that banda dbe in place a convincing so glaringly linking one abantu get assess south um that sekela into with nineteen as the court and then that's a masondo claim gabela muddy day hands i i don't have born don't have warned some trump linking sometimes a matter when i saw buti if you had assistance an of a professional on more your tenure in climate before or concluded a sale agreement before we turn is equally harm that a relatively it's ruth ama deferred maintenance work baleni sugar ithuba lotto harmed um inputs hanna benguela um cele no um pelaelo namdock no no namdock zokwana kuben agreement huge number of colour on discount mobile nineteen the alcohol family this suspended match fixing this and that that on monday amazed contract in seven xolile xolani as our fourth and my near emalahleni mahanyele life understanding insurance policy i products a product so so production like palestine stop in a stokvel nhlapo money lost the higher by products a certain maybe let's say policy with the apc medical so that we increase stokvel abanye abantu abantu container labour policy nail and but let's say dilemma premium output sithole accident but a premium by two in a hundred what they are quite thousand where does the money cover your to costs come from love book abanye abantu percent product who are also paying premium so insurance company what it does weighty my leg in when it very data claim form on sunday so claiming and then come us at to email lower komanyane consumer paying who are the same premium now yes eight years so little so about the agreed the same almost to terms and conditions that you agreed to co founder weeks or months saliem trailer name growth now vumelana would say what december millennium like down legal lokho uma corner only umuntu in panama um mr stokfella cheaper either key name the figure khutso patala botswana wednesday into number number consequences so insurance that that is like is like that i masango some makoko amapiano not yet the in team money available the by up community hamburg beyond with up upon linking alleged undue your local the when they get a job can mandela we common mbeki we will see email right now listening mnguni nothing siki about setting up okay so we'll see among insurance company yona go out and validate the claim so the they when insurance company decision come back a wrong are found the decision the consumer anytime high morning so as a consumer come to our office what we do and we investigate a maria dealing ramos and we deal with complaints other as you have a short term community and be asset the complaint jaco thabo mokoena among our fall outside the jurisdiction of office our so see in our lives in a number of complaints that fall outside the monetary the monetary jurisdiction jurisdiction of out of um ourselves the is mentioned in the colours ourselves on with a short term insurance example products for policy alcohol motho equality appear my household contents a phone travel former police allow health on ombudsman will review the matter and a decision make or recommendations do mokoena just j confirmed cases in many etc sebenza causal sithole is seventy twenty easier then the indaba xhosa is bartenders card as insurance claims szabo insurance catches mabona motshekga a more twenty march ombudsman exco most complaints motto insurance abantu drunk driving the car and i malcolm with the traffic rules ahmad ahmad ahmad dire rather motho on system official one child so website then i i at w w w dot co i dot dot za corner put in our between corner putin it shook what a number going was to of my corner machinda grow one one seven two six eight nine zero matamela zero putin on that stage ccma more at info o r dot co dot za elaine prominent focalistic phoning now amazing papers and phone opponent then followed selebogo goscor cooling a luck it was about ninety sebulela or relebogile assistant we ombudsman kazi lucky dube given somebody the now ombudsman for short term insurance in magazine is two easiest monkey into uma claim abantu my up we insurance szabo kathu is other more connect khulubuse