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12 Apr 2022 @ 07h15 - SA Cities Network

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ninety eight point seven let's with that diepkloof stay diepsloot matters so is a story we want of the situation facing is currently communities such as diepsloot and certainly not confined to diepsloot the mayor of johannesburg also was recently secondly out there out visited there the visited township the tangibly recently and says that deeds she economic is a socioeconomic that issues were the strong and leading factors diepsloot in and that is that was almost to increase pointless police force presence there force cannot when the access the people easily of the township as you pointed to spatial planning is critical that that you've been assessing the ability of or to fight crime and in fact that has allowed crime to thrive have in in area area let's let's speak speak the the to to raise research and now the at sa cities network go for inclusion wellbeing spelling and lingo basic good morning for and thanks joining us good morning for having and thank you me what the do you make of comments that were made you just all i mean had a little bit of my conversation as well with the premier's spokesperson what do you make and of the approach that they are ticking two trying to deal with the situation in communities such as diepsloot think i let's the efforts efforts so by by the the office office of of the premier i think they have the right idea recognising in things such as by laws things as local such communities having a date within businesses as you know looking to undo some of the economic barriers to participation still really moving in the right direction trying to more ensure that people are involved in the economies of after spaces with regards to the assessment the by mayor of the city of johannesburg jan the and correct assessment of the issue say that it's not to just an issue police then of products that enable you know crime and you know what they have to approached with amazon be prelisting that that that is invested that in to space make sure that the is holistically is holistic safe says not it's always above police and as a critical component by fifty eight and able or doesn't even allow the police to reach that need the people to reach then what you you need to know you need to have multi disciplinary investments in order to create holistic safety and also drive a sustainable impact on violence and can't and some forms of can't be policed can't forms of crime there are there are that things you that can you do can do things harmful that are that are really to the to the social compact harmful really to the social fabric that can't necessarily know cheated through the criminal justice doing way of things in real terms or what kind of economic activity can thrive as in areas such diepsloot the spokesperson of the premier on touched issues around by laws which speaking more he was really to buy allow could allow laws that could for informal for informal people traders that sell on the stuff side walk and like that but that's not really is going to create many jobs are just subsistence substance form of trading available is to stimulate not going do great economic activity the day i mean for not more by large like diepsloot areas will just remain as to dormant towns supply labour to the to the cities i think i think good assessment as however well i think maybe just before i to the other given broader ways can drive in which we and real inclusion economies say i must though that the informal sector is of the more one immediate past ways to form of livelihood some for a lot people still this of our disdain some of those economic barriers to participation can be a positive thing you know by laws that it's trading restrict trade certain in certain in areas areas when you recognise that this is the most viable past were not everybody is going a job to get in the form of dr tomorrow however you are quite correct in that do need to drive you more sustainable livelihood decent more jobs and more aspects speak and so we to things like the combating expertise talk you about some locations and some locals been just dormant she's for labour for the foremost force a form of but that is is that entirely true so we talk about know you making available space for for building for for of social of of of affordable housing closer to of opportunity opportunities continue and the kids to be concentrated in thirty cause while a lot of a large majority continue occupy to the periphery are entirely is entirely that too too far far commute times on average of forty minutes to an hour everybody about forty spends percent of their out income of their on transport that is just not a recipe for the best when you think an inclusive about and thriving economy before closer encouraging know to find in an in an viable places that are closed apogee time at the same as you are taking opportunities to people encouraging on incentivising perhaps businesses to develop their businesses in the outer peripheries of cities well as as a way development about but it's really human settlements it's about integrated transport about it's working together and not just planning for economies in it's an isolation isolation i think it is all i think this is definitely the kind of conversations that we should be having in terms of dealing with communities such as diepsloot nkomo thanks so much through for coming and she is a researcher for and wellbeing inclusion and sa cities network our markets