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to seven pm welcome back to the wednesday evening edition of power business kind of this the industry has been talking point a big since that seminal constitutional a couple court judgment of years ago actually that said well it is particularly not particularly constitutional constitutional to prevent people from to consuming prevent be cannot since then there's been developments on commercial side the and leading that particular commercialisation has been project labat the jse listed company talk us through to the latest developments we since then are joined by the group executive business development for herschel must stop her herschel two thousand since and nineteen labat in has been big this mission of saying wait hold on there is clearly a market here to be exploited in relation industry to the kind of this whatever announced recent k thank you very much a good stock is you this obviously a very very exciting time for us ended the we are very very strong with capital our raising activities so showing very very front impactful positive results they also listed frankfurt on the stock exchange and today we listed acquisitions selves so many others we have made and today particularly is the announcement of the acquisition of equalised which is majority miami owned we now and have hundred percent and of is the this business and make make it it a proposition proposition available available in south africa so this particular acquisition i imagine that wide a spectrum it of what it is that you guys are currently exploring within be seen that cannot kind of this product related talk industry us through what economic actually does equalised well is was based in the in the united states united states is the single markets largest in the world we are effectively data driven business a to make a competent and a viable corporates move economic if proposition the data anyone follows the anyone data follows follows one that which happens in the largest in the world markets four they have got three or years ahead of us and swiftly prolific kind of economic impact is had in the us economy and internationally we ensure that we were relevant and that we were highly as applicable far as the proposition locally is concerned in south africa in order to have product available a on the shelf from a retail perspective of those products along those products are largely coming from abroad and when people behind people into the south african markets we are rather observance of who jesus making this market progress in and the by virtue of that we have approached and proposition equalised to to make an acquisition in order to retain value the of this market in south africa addition to that in new i had to learn a word in preparation for earth this what on is a smoke abil hamper actual will shape smoking is really the material from the c b d to cultivate not so this is the material that gives the cycle active impact on the body him is a material that can be smelt and the bio availability from him is available in the system order in to to to for the bodies the uptake of six of for cbd the cbd the molecule as well what as so what use you take into the body purposes for the of of that availability for a smokers the delivery system as we refer to compatible it of a smoke abil is what able is to deliver okay i'm learning not definitely need and that a bit more gone on a capital you obviously raise i mean since two thousand and nineteen you've obviously been to build up trying your healthcare why business why frankfurt frankfurt germany certainly is the largest markets in europe is a second largest world next to in the and after america currently about just was about half a billion euro two thousand twenty-five by looking at three billion euro point two over the next five years years six we look at the seven point seven billion market kind of value what's important here is high calibre is an international business it was it and was important for important us for us are based by on our perspective of a reluctance of foreign direct investment in new commodities in south africa take we we thought we'll african the southern african proposition the to european market as in germany already companies insurance are reimbursed seeing calibre additional patients the medication for that they are taking this coalition government new that is regulating a kelly this in far more liberal way it's a huge market and for us to represent proposition the african in their faces directly right there a very very important was make decision for us to very interesting that has also the question of gone to distribution getting your footprint across the country a couple our people of years ago and have been a very anxious anything involvement about kind of this business those things that i think is largely gone you then how are putting together footprint that to make sure your products accessible to us wherever may be we well you know new it is a category in the in the economy economy and how you show up is very very important we take very seriously the leadership from our board from our past ceo mr van rooyen is such brian that we focus the aspects on of consumer education we've to demystify this new commodity the in the in the in sector is important issues that we deal with of thought leadership reforms regulatory framework we do deal as with stakeholder involvement of stakeholders ship as it were in the south african economy economy african calibre african calibre as it sequel economy matures over time so important it's very that we take this roads take route as far this as a first mover kind of this economy is the stock concerned when a exchange listed business we are obliged adhere to to the ifrs international financial reporting standards is a prerequisite as far is as corporate governance concern so we represent integrity represent calibre and they ab form the consumer market and the market with with regard regard to to that that which because is via viable economically the compliance dimension i suppose is remarkably important in particular when an industry is regulators emerging where probably don't market know what it is that participants are eventually going to try do how far and are we in ensuring the rules of that the game are well understood by everyone because again they to be limitations are still going around who you're sell to probably can given the nature of the products that we dealing with the nature such that the priorities license you are able to get a to cultivate for the export market the at same and people are able citizenry able is to to cultivated for the private use a most important that we understand that the market will cure and so to the regulatory framework will adjust accordingly i do give credit significant to our regulatory kind of agencies south africa in we do know what doing and you are the army hankering into this space in an educated way the data driven and away is a very stable by ensuring there is sustainability sustainability that that there is a broad based enabling kind of beneficiation that place takes in such a way that we not in do this instance having commodity those available economically that alienate and isolate those on ground the in south africa not too the type long ago about of things that we are talking prohibited in another because it looked government was like keen to prohibit absolutely politicians everything that didn't need i think we beyond age of hard the lock downs and i imagine that you do expect not expect any further any disruption further into disruptions your business best in the short term your i that the conversation the dialogue with all the regulatory the agencies dialogue between ourselves as a listed business in calibre with government stakeholders is such it is a dialogue that that is progressive dialogue the interest of economic development in south africa and i do believe that the constraints challenges and are slowly but surely dissipating is the interest of a proper economic proposition very maybe dimension interesting dimension interesting then developments there the kind of in this industry i'm still to explore yet but i think the way labadi doing things a greater sense perhaps of comfort that i should try some of their think much products hassle must stop of business is the director development at about at time seven pm for the latest