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12 Dec 2021 @ 01h30 - Turnberry Risk Management Solutions

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thank you for staying this is the with us d link show we weakening g2 in science information and having so we illumination were we having were problem a problem a with our first guest ev just terms of in signal the sees the new we way caster trying to keep everything safe as is covid possible so we really broadcast our homes from and our guests on phones we've got to make and use of signals or the that we get so why patients it or during this time every year there kenyan any us and you hear writing van lindeque niekerk let's let's try let's let's try this again sorry other about their apologies no not your fault ev it's i was just saying this is with this have to is what we all do we have to make do so if he was talking about your mother i'm so sorry who passed in february actually twenty-eight on world cancer day but before she she she and she passed very in away from a cancer but she was actually two time a breast cancer survivors just perhaps you can share your mother's journey her story with us nicky his thank you nicky his thank you so my mom as you mentioned while the i'm afraid we can't so hear you i'm sorry i do apologise as inter overresourced sorry ev we can't coming hear you say you and going where we're going to to have reschedule this for another time i do apologise really but we can't hear you sorry about i'm that so we will it's we'll definitely a very important discussion we're and i know going to speaking to tony just now let's try one more time doesn't work if if it we're going to have to reschedule this let's let's try it seems like connecting again now it's so as i don't know if you've heard the part where that my mom i've said was originally diagnose twice breast cancer and then she went into emission quite a few for years round about thirty years or so and unfortunately cancer return in overreach and without any obvious noticeable signs signs and symptoms and symptoms shekhinah just bit started feeling a under the weather close to christmas of december twenty-seventh two thousand and seventeen and all thought we that she added irritable bowl syndrome so we went to the doctor doctor doctor the said look a scan you should go and have but obviously because of the year of the timing she decided the new year to wait for because it's christmas way etc and everybody's but unfortunately she better wasn't getting any and die and die then had to admit or into a hospital because she very highly rated was and after running a couple of tests the doctor came out and to me look said chat we need to have a your mom really is not well she has cancer share so i completely just went blank i thought or i don't quite understand i don't i said naudé she she doesn't so had she cancer doesn't have cancer have cancer doctor said doctors you don't has understand she cancer and i went like this or how did happen this was just of the blue completely out and needless struggle to say the started from that moment because then facing you the challenge of okay what happens now what is the a diagnosis where staging issue what is the treatment options she does not have medical aid where my i dinner how am going to deal with the so everything just kind of goes racing through as you can imagine your mind and then of course at a time when i eventually it took a couple of minutes just trying grasp everything the doctor said look you only have one of two options unfortunately if you want to keep mob here you don't have to pay a quite a substantial amount of cash deposits in which obviously at that time was for impossible me alternatively we have commenced so on so we to had move to move we had on to bombed a state hospital of course and the timing of when she ill was fell challenge also because most apologies of the sections in the state hospitals close so nicky ja this it became a a six a week journey from when my mom officially got her appointment to go to colleges the on at jo'burg general charlotte maxeke now known as now which was round of about the eighteenth january two thousand and eighteen and passed she she passed on on the the fourth fourth of of february february twenty cancer eighteen world day so it was it was just such a challenge and having to in hospitals keep warm for a couple of days until they could stabilise because the state she was hospital where at was not a cancer in the hospital section normal so it was just the maternity ward that in they had kept their and then taking mom home to and trying understand what palliative care is are going and how to keep for someone at yes yes it's it's comfortable comfortable home for for them them but but family very for for the the challenging because i'm not a i'm not a curro in no that sense i had knowledge of what to do and find myself i having to constantly every single challenge day with medical things that are in by profession about i do nought i practise law and have been for eighteen years problem solver i'm a so this was for i me like have to solve this problem got to find i've i've the answer got to find the answer and i've got so frustrated i just couldn't when buy my mom's answer and not knowing all the things that at time were kind of the logical i knew of the cancer association of south africa but never entered it my mind contact thinks i had heard of naspers but i didn't quite understand what they offered and when i did eventually make contact with them fortuner unfortunately mom got to see only them on tuesday passed and she on sunday so nicky it a process was really of being caught being caught in this will in went this way of i don't know what to do at the same time trying to be as strong as possible every single time i walked into mom's room to try and show that everything was ok but at the back was of my mind i just i don't know what to do so along the journey i then met amazing some individuals obviously mom was bed ridden so i had to look for services when that included care specialists of course hospice of course naspers we want to give slavery us the counselling the but were paid for it nicky always kind of think you've got time and i think that was the biggest lesson me was for i spent so around much time running to dischem and and getting medical and and trying staff to find a solution knowing not or thinking of making use of out institutions there the actually offer these services that i could so take that pressure off and spend me quality time with my mom and and i was think the that was the i think that biggest lesson for biggest me less was that i have to obviously with world mom passing on cancer day i thought to myself would she never have known it was well today cancer but somehow she kept every day looking at me when i kept walking room was into the packets from dischem with all these medical supplies and she kept thinking michael than sunday so up change someone else's journey but today this is my journey and is the result and this and that was helpful optimal was born i just with losing my mom that wayne so quickly kind i of had to take a step and say back what can i take out the positive of this journey and if i can find the positive out of that am able to take i that and share the information that that is out there to someone that's on a else similar journey and understand make them them it's okay not on themselves to take everything and it's okay to help and it's ask for to employ okay to employ the services the services on of of of professional institutions that offer this so that can you keep that relationship with your loved one and spend that quality time with him of course and creates so much awareness the because nicky financial pressure of having to take mom own not having any medical gap cover aid cover or to help with the expenses looking after of a loved one at home it's it's a it's huge burden and one of my it was biggest biggest challenges so so too and and true what you've you know taking just said that time trying problem solving and to sort things out something and just in i read that you said you you weren't said able to take those last weeks of your few mother's life to actually quality time spend with her and you know such a journey it's and it's so overwhelmingly many things so to take into consideration and obviously the finances are real and and and many people are facing challenges those challenges so heavily so heavily take a little bit attack more about this much utility more cancer foundation project your is that your mother's name name did you it after your mother yes he so my was the short version of my mom's member full full name was andrew mackie and it's a greek a greek word and it's machi strings and android is a man so it's it's like strength a fight a string of war kind of thing and her short name was machine so the project was obviously named in memory of her and are also not him a very sentimental word and special greek made up of two meetings the first these phila which is your friend which and tb is on and basically your friend means to honour and to assess greeks we taught are the word feel not demand very young age from a and it really is that is it it's to honour your friend to give without it's an expectation in has to return and bold to build and love and your love community your community and and and and your family and families family not just black family of people that are same mindsets in the have the same vision focus the same laughter one another and and and community driven and that's what the projects all its about it's going out an there and it's really umbrella of hope and strings for not only the cancer patient but the family because i experienced the from the family's point view of and i know the challenges from that side that come that but also also being there to guide the cancer patient throughout entire journey from the the day of diagnosis to survive riding a ship and or life depending end of on what the staging its and and lot what does able that we we are to outsource and refer medical professional we had a multi so disciplinary medical panel have psychology we this because as it's you know nicky the mind body strength important is the most thing if a cancer you're on on a an cancer eye on journey journey have a we cancer patient navigate nico fuller she basically and attends the journey with the from start patient into survivors ship and explains process because what the our foreign nicky was so overwhelming with doctors and they are amazing what they do but at sometimes the explanation understanding and of the diagnosis or treatments and and the process is too technical for us and you end up leaving a consultation go and you back news like actually understand heard all the i word was cancer and that was it so you kind of ten to sweep and short and done with the cancer patient navigate able to sit she's down take the medical for you information and after the consultation to you explain it understand the process that journey and walking through ev ev these disappeared we to have a problem seem with that again i but think that they work is extraordinary seriti that doing mo is doing is this vital support this vital support helping devastating people with this diagnosis so every was talking about they partner they with different organisations mostly the of a project is aimed ev okay we hear airbnb can't is coming and chatting going and she's away telling us about this incredible organisation that she has set up but obviously we can't take this further because we can't her but hear i do know you know the of things the things that one that of one discuss that eddie that it would like to is something that is emerging for the coming the upcoming year we started off talking about finances and how finances i don't are a problem know if you are listening on are a medical aid a hospital if you just have plan or if you use public the facilities and if so do you have gap cover and because you know incredible that with research new drugs coming onto the market while they while they are are revolutionary because treatments they knew they cost a tremendous of money amount so we are looking to be talking we're going in a moment think is on the tony line because i know that he has partnered with the feeder team low and it's to do with financial support it comes when to cancer treatment i have tony singleton who is the ceo of turnberry management risk solutions to tell us more i'm that hoping ev will be able to again join us because i'd certainly like information to give more about the the fidelity more cancer project for you listening exactly because i want to know how it works you know are diagnosed if you do you do they in touch with all put you of these people but unfortunately we can't get now hold of every right so i'm going to cost over tony to tony singleton tony your their year um in um so right your i road i your can hear can you are basically thank you tiny so much we've just been having a few technical issues with heavy but tony bats you can tell us i mean you are the ceo of turnberry risk management solutions perhaps before you about tell us a little bit what you do maybe us how you can tell you connected with heavy your association what is was very interesting because we did an article discussing breast cancer siki the and in particular the men men cancer can get breast i know it's not something you really associate with the man one of the of one my wife six colleagues had actually with breast suffered cancer steve e then chatted it's a lot about of them us with and he helped an article doing and as we were that he mentioned that he does champions it champions it with with with ev ways feel the team and that was how put was in contact he and then when we started chatting i must say you listening are been to we now they have a and enthusiasm passion really does really shine through i think she's a fabulous personality absolutely argues and and to have that problem solving she about on talks the one side sometimes appeared act can quite coal but she also very warm has a side and and um just asking you you're ashley after the team handles basically they can provide project management services where we've okay got this diagnosis now let's you in touch just put with these various hell things such as from ximbi for medication it can can be be in in in cases stage four it can be help you with adding and stuff like that through hospice and you need what to to to to the deal with with with the diagnosis because i think is if you touched on the the diagnosis the is is is really a very much a scarce thing initially it's and time then takes time to process to process and and just get through so that so we we came into we into contacts in on on on our side we a tiny sorry just to pause for a moment thank you for for clarifying get that and i don't want to any wrong information so you saying management services project which is fantastic so it's almost like there are a hub which connected all the right to bill people and they put and they put something together some if you were diagnosed for you so it's overwhelming unknown they kind of help you through it in the imagine you've got a buddy that's body knows what what's going on with cancer diagnosis what you're going to need and and it's really a health facility and it it's wonderful i think it's it probably r one regulator shows it might be an idea to get one of the if champions actually journey gone the and understands walk as i would maybe give it a very personal touch which is always hike quite quite useful with these sins i think if i can maybe just up a little bit pick on we spoke on on on the financial side typically with well council i so think i think is as we as know we it know is it just just if anything becoming more of our life and more and and and and i think we are seeing it in always has as it been but i think we know to said more now it's not just disease a of ageing and the age it can come at any time things like dealing when you're with a loved one last thing you spot last want to be dealing with financial this worries giving and i think he touched on touched on us as opposed to carrying the of the patients and the wellbeing the it's over the patient so very you're important when doing your your planning and things like that first of all you understand the benefit you've got in your medical aid which really is the most important decisions based session make you in your and in the financial i'll touch on and the finance just then and then now and secondly secondly to see what gaps are the there are in medical shortfall expense cover gap insurance medical gap insurance see how to that can complement to help to to you and in typical medical case is your aid will be at one value the gap cover and would be a would be it say ten percent of that an give you a couple of examples there no is one the chinese i'm asking you just pause for one pressed moment please we have just break to for ads and then please want to we go of what you are so high f fm one hundred and nine one point mega hurt of life welcome the d back to being show where we to inside can to information and illumination we've been having a really interesting discussion beginning with heavy nicolaou policies founder the founder is the and ceo and ceo of mafi of luthi project more cancer after her mother's diagnosis and then unfortunately within six weeks passing cancer from a very in and just how overwhelming it mec just was an with costs involved in and where the treatments to so was this mafi phuthuma cancer project born and it's this project kind of like management services in the best way as possible are overwhelmed you have help you people help who you in the in areas the areas of treatment of of palliative care nutrition or areas where you need assistance guidance on and the journey so every unfortunately had we a bad signal but we are talking with tony singleton who is turnberry the ceo of risk management solutions chinese been talking about the real very real problems face that we all when it comes to these ex expensive cancer treatments and that is you if you whether on die a kool medical aid aid if if you're you're not not using public using services if you there are gap if you covers have it whether you do say you are looking don't at co payments looking at shortfalls you're and i know coming is that into the twenty-two beginning of two thousand and turnberry risk management solutions has come with a solution up called the innovative cancer cover drug and it's a benefit for twenty twenty-two so sorry tony would you talking were a little and i had interrupt you we do only have a few more minutes left perhaps you can just tell us you were talking about gap cover you were talking about please shortfalls continue making i quite you say like the way a company press also going i'm definitely to use at home with i i my wife thank you for that the so year just getting back to the the initial diagnosis and things like that you you once you've got council want then quite often are a there number of cash flow issues the managing and when you are in many family younger and that means sometimes focus i take your away from school fees and things that like and it affects your financial planning secondly and the older ages you've then having dig into to your potentially or provident retirement fund or annuities some things things like like that that so so i i think think when when you you are looking at your health your insurance you need to look at in terms of your overall it financial planning just the same it's as your investments fuel life cover you need to make sure covering that you your or your gaps as much possible your as your potential exposures and the ambassador to chat to your your financial advisor just and justice is there is up a tie sum the the terms of in the terms of the in the the type of that we are seeing more thing and more often the innovative joint benefit the were touched on they finding there's quite a biological lot of new cancer suggests coming onto the market and the medical aids cover them cover them part so what we've done we've actually created a product where we will cover ten thousand rand event or per cycle on a on on the cancer treatments so things like keytruda is which quite a well known moment joke at the so so that's the but also type of thing and gap cover providers benefits have different things but we've also got a this payable benefit on the first diagnosed so you go if stage one councillors payments let's say that's five thousand going to stage for twenty-five thousand so the first identification and that is is designed in such a way you to help over the apple of of any expenses in things you might have and then than our than the gap products then supplement your medical aid what office sometimes out of the you can run benefit due to a supplement and we then chop we top and then the up the the benefit and with co payments we deal and things like that so it's a holistic type of environment and think i as i started off by saying you don't have you making finance tough financial decisions when you are dealing with a loved one and where they are and that's think when really i i chatted to review the carrying side i think is is is of this where the where two the of two this joined the dots deadlines and have look at what we could do to to help to one another so while tanya me that sounds fantastic it's almost a gap like within the gap and want to put i do it simply because there's so much that's gone into can this that perhaps we just for people who are listening tony let's look at those who have been diagnosed so it can they join this this innovative cancer drug cover do you have you to if are young now when me do you join who who when and how and how does a player with often with separate little to term cancer and gap certain extent cover to a gap cover applies from when you join any time a medical aid one one on day would would possibly be for gap a need cover and it's best to to to start addressing it as early as possible as i say with your with your financial advisor with with the with where any disease or whatever from a selection point of view the typically would be a twelve month period waiting as you know with cancer heads it can at time and short as it can short be as a as long as long as as as the duration depending on on the various the outcomes so i would would suggest i rather covering place the and how are cover covers the whole family not just so it's one person so let's say is somebody there needs and knee replacement hip replacement anything like that then the would the gap cover come in and provides additional support you for year are seeing here if he's if he's got a on got a the thing that if she is not a question forums in high tony i just wanted am i am i am to let you know that i here so you need to comment anything for me on i am listening as well as it makes it easier mention it i did just as you the as we lost to u u you offer it i it to a project likened management of dealing with the various issues around it cancer diagnosis in aligning people with ideas or or i say or should health lines that they may need we do grievous yes definitely tiny so so what my office is guidance in terms of where to go what to do and to make contact to with and basically that was aimed at trying to bring holistic t all the services under one umbrella started a and or patient family member doesn't need need to to make make contact with with different different contact various vary institutions but come to one hub when from that have your briefed we would get and understand exactly where you are your journey and then referred outsource you to the relevant professionals in the industries will parts of your journey that you would need so as you mentioned it is with and of course the help of our cancer navigated navigate all through those journeys and those institutions professionals or with you up until the end your treatment statements of into survivors and into survivors and ship and beyond ship to take any we're going a quick break just very we've before we quickly do break is there were c involved in joining facility more no fee nicky there's in terms of joining or the project being involved through the project obviously are we a registered npo so if anybody wants to make a donation they change the project ultimately when we source and and and outs out of so to the professionals they they obviously then then have have would would obviously a a fee fee arrangement that they have but as as would a project ourselves we don't charge for the better systems to get to get to the information awareness and create that intestate fantastic if he began to take a quick break the stay with us hundred one and one point nine mega hurt life of welcome back to the d link show where we can hes g2 insights information illumination and ev maker lock and this us today has joined she is the founder and of ceo masie fidelity more cancer project and really with all the experts second you help and guide on your cancer journey for her from her personal experiences her mother twice who was urged breast cancer survivors diagnosed and then she was with varying cancer it was an overwhelming journey and she said she time spent so much trying to sort things out worry trying to about