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2021-12-09 12:42:10

9 Dec 2021 @ 12h30 - Part 2: Turnberry Risk Management Solutions

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on the journey so every unfortunately we had a bad signal but we talking are with tony singleton who is the ceo of turnberry risk management solutions chinese been talking about the real very real problems that we all face when it comes every to these ex expensive cancer treatments and you whether that is if you on on a a medical medical you're you're aid aid if if not not if using public services if you the eat gap covers if you haven't whether do don't say you payments you you're looking at co you're looking at shortfalls and i know is that coming into thousand the beginning of two and twenty-two turnberry risk management solutions has come up with a solution called cancer the innovative drug cover and it's a benefit for twenty twenty-two so sorry tony would you a little talking were and i interrupt had to interrupt you we do you we do only have a only few minutes left perhaps can just tell us you you were talking gap cover about you were talking about shortfalls please continue mega i quite like said the way you a company press also to use i'm definitely going at home with my i thank wife i you for that year so just getting back to the the initial diagnosis things like and that you once once you've got cancer then you've got quite often there are a number of cash flow issues the managing and when you are in many younger family and that means sometimes i take away from your focus school fees and things like that and it affects your financial planning and secondly the older ages news into then having to dig your potentially or provident fund or retirement it is on things like that so think when you i are looking at your or your health insurance you need it in terms to look at of your overall financial planning is just the same as your investments life cover fuel you need to make sure that you covering your or your gas as possible as much your your potential exposures and ambassador chat you your financial advisory and just there justice is there is a tie summer the the in terms of in terms of the the the the type are seeing more of thing that we and more often the gym innovative benefit the touched on they were there's quite finding a lot of new biological suggests cancer coming into the market and the medical aids cover them cover them part so what we've done we've actually created a we product where will cover ten thousand rand per will per event or per event a site cycle on on on the cancer treatment so things high keytruda which is quite a well known joke at the moment so type so that's the of thing but also and gap cover providers have different benefits things but we've got also a benefit is payable on diagnosed the first so if you go stage stage councillors long payments let's say that's five thousand appreciate stage going for twenty-five thousand so the first identification and that is is designed a in such way to help you over the of apple of any expenses things you might and then have our than than the gap then products supplement what your medical aid office sometimes you can run out of the bad things it was submitted and then we top up the the supplement bamford we deal payments with co and things like that so it's holistic type a of environment and i think i started as off by saying you do to be making not finance tough financial decisions you when are dealing with with a loved and one and where they are really in and that's think when i chatting to review carrying the side i think is is two is is where where the the two of of this us joined the dotted lines and look another at what we can do to turn to help one another so while that tanya mean sounds fantastic almost like a the gap gap within and i don't liquidity simply because if there is so much that's gone into this that perhaps we can just for who are listening people tony let's look at those who have been diagnosed they a candidate it can join this this innovative today cancer drug cover do you have to if you are young now when do you join me who who when and how and how player does a with often with little to separate cancer and gap cover to a certain extent cover gap applies from any time when you join a medical aid on day one the would possibly would possibly be a need cover for gap and it's best to to to addressing start it as early say as possible i just with your with your financial advisor with with the with where any disease or whatever from a or selection point of view typically the would be a twelve month waiting period as you know we've cancer it attending can hit it can be a short as long as as as the duration on depending on the the various outcome so i would suggest would i the rather put the covering place and how does the cover family covers the whole so it's not just one person let's say so there is somebody needs replacements and knee hip replacement anything like that then the gap the cover would come in and additional provides support for c you are seeing here the if he's got a is on the thing that if she is the question florence in italy i am i just let you know that i wanted to you need am here so anything for me to i am comment on listening as the easier mention it did just as you the as we lost you you you you a it's i it to a project likened management of dealing with the various issues it cancer surrounding it cancer diagnosis in diagnosis in a aligning people with ideas or or or should i say lines hell that they may need when do grievous yes definitely tiny so so what office slightly my is guidance in terms of go what where to to do and to contact with to make and basically that was aimed at trying to bring holistic all the services one umbrella under so that a patient family and or member doesn't contact need to make contact different various with different various with institutions but come to one hub when from that we would get have your briefed and understand where exactly you are journey and then referred outsource you to the relevant professionals will in the industries parts of your journey that you would need so as you mentioned it is of course and with the help of our cancer navigated all navigate through those journeys institutions and those or professionals was you up until the in your treatment and and interest by the ship beyond any quick break we're going to take a just very quickly before break we do smec involved in joining facility more there's no nicky in terms of joining the project or being evolved through the project obviously are we a registered npo so if anybody wants to make a donation they change ultimately the project when we source and and and out of so outs to the professionals obviously then they would they obviously would then have a have fee a arrangement that they but as as would have a project ourselves charge for that we don't better systems to get get to the information to and create that awareness and testing fantastic if he going to take a quick break the stay with us magician done face painting done soccer party done of the same tides old party entertainment kids for your you not be the something first to offer different and exclusive to better you've had before any part with nicholas new she party making kids can learn the the art of designing designing the very very own own special special cc she creation kruger by they delicious super shake on our new obstacle jungle gym a climbing walls it's the perfect the perfect party at place during fun the family and have by it in the best town pizza in mecca lows high fm one hundred one point nine and mega hurts of life back to the welcome d link show where we can eighty-two insights information and illumination lock ev maker and this has joined us today she founder and ceo masie of mafi facility more thirty more cancer project cancer and really with all the experts second help and guide on your cancer you journey for her personal from her experiences her mother who was a twice breast cancer survivors and then she was diagnosed with varying cancer it was an overwhelming and she journey said you spent so much trying time to sort things out trying to about where worry to pay how to pay she said that she missed valuable mother time with her and she wants anyone who has that journey to avoid all of those issues and hence the bursary saluting more where all there are these people who can help your journey you on which is incredible and have tony we also singleton who is turnberry the ceo of turnberry risk management solutions and talking about we are gap cover we're talking about cover for the this really very expensive journey we moving and words the towards the which is which coming is coming thousand and twenty-two out in out two the innovative cancer drug cover benefit tony we literally have one minute left perhaps you just if there's anything you haven't covered or anything you haven't benefit said about this how people can get hold how they can get of you involved minute you have a very you can get hold of via websites term read dot co dot za i and i think could if i could just also say just also say please download health your insurance a separate to your overall financial finding i touched on some sale of the benefits you're wrong but equally in the life environment you've got dread disease cover and also got cover you've in terms of most the pension funds of in terms of the benefits and it's really get hold of advisor your financial and just stunts available what's available what's to because when to a century when dealing you're with a lift on the diagnosis start doing your research at that difficult point is very so rather just understand the financial professional will help you with us and then can focus you i believe on your loved one and the liaising with easy to to see how best to it to it is difficult journey thank you so much tiny really that appreciate an ev very quickly people get hold of you want to get where we can they holds a few nicky i encourage that wants anybody to make contact with our please we are project here to help and assist we have a website www dot c optimal dot org dot za we also on social media on facebook and instagram twitter linkedin and please we are here to assist where can and we which it will will be be blessed blessed and and grateful grateful to to hear hear from anybody that needs any assistance amazingly what an initiative thanks thank you so much for joining thanks for persons the hearing with signal and tony very much for joining us it's been great having you both the show and on so i'm just is going to still low team www for you so it's dot field team or f o i l t i m o dot org dot z a follow them look everything also ring considering or or your your finances and making sure really that you covered with regards treatments to as trading was saying and this innovative so there's cancer drug cover benefit from twenty twenty-two and that's at turnberry management solutions risk ja