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9 Nov 2021 @ 10h00 - South African Cities Network

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wanting to your listeners yes yes you thank so you much so for much talking for talking thank this morning to us to us we are talking you are to you and the south african cities network executive manager for programmes is that correct correct that is and we'll be talking you very know a very important topic which is climate and how change you know even in south africa and especially in south africa how also approach we can it how we should approach the changes and that we can implement going to make sure forward that we do do the the that that we we can can best best in in this this struggle that is definitely the biggest threat of our lifetimes is that true when discussions around climate really change should be on all of our lips especially for us people cities that are living in the because a lot of the activities that we do impact even on the hinterland with urbanisation you having a conglomeration is of people which putting a large demands on that the resources we have and you econet not been have really been responsible in our managing resources those stocks it's about time that we think about our own habits in our own practices so everyone of us needs to themselves really ask whether in the way treating the environment that i am assisting in helping it to recover their meeting ten those kind of discussions they don't need to be complicated to the professor and left it's about our water use it's about the chairs of energy energy choose to to use use that that we we choose our now own households we it's about how dispose of our waste separate also else so everything small things like contribute those really do and i know that there are discussions that are taking place nationally and globally papers being written but at all the heart of it it is everyone's responsibility to make that they sure they support this agenda yes think the general i response especially from south africans and people that i know is you know this really doesn't affect really affect us we us live we such have such small lives and it's been addressed at at bigger conferences worldwide with with leaders of nations so people don't necessarily even understand what the smaller differences can make or should make apply if they just them to their daily lives everywhere just bring to it or if you newspaper read the yesterday nelson mandela ap sorry ingé declared declared dead by december dead they'll have no water so they've declared that is zero then and you ask yourself how did there and they get could we have mitigated these things watching some of what we leak mean households for in terms of just the general consumption and what will it mean for businesses complaining we about covid having her and led her have to a lot of job losses but the water crisis is also one and of those bring it closer to gauteng metropolitan all the me piloted are in gauteng running out of landfill space piece so every of paper that you put ban its putting your mantra go somewhere right um where and that basically what we are that saying is it's running out eventually no there will be space to dispose of our our west and or off then what what would happen what further complicate when the it comes to western issue of gauteng is of that the type land that you need to ability landfill site a is a it needs to of the same quality be you can build as the land where so a house so these competing we have these we competing have priorities on the other hand our consumerism behaviour and irresponsible way in which we are disposing waste is absolutely making space for housing development is a huge which need in cities like ekurhuleni johannesburg and tshwane you compromising the availability of that of land and certainly looking at those two examples think cannot continue same to be the now i have a question for and and you it is it is obviously the that that things you mentioned now are impacting the current situation in the status think it is but do you predominantly every household or is there some sort of mismanagement going on and contributing because and maybe if if if stricter rules there from from government about should be how people doing these things more consequences there would be for doing it wrong and then people would maybe fuel the the intention and maybe ab and reasoning behind the reasoning behind the it it look in my of these view some things do not need an italian government it was for government to do to tell you things otherwise you going to be going to be punished it's always great when government regulates and by government i mean all spheres of government whether national municipality or your local where they regulate certain things so using i'm the case of waste disposal if they can that regulate each it's households can separate from source but what that means van is that they need to provide the necessary infrastructure for households to be able to do that much as so as they respond their responsibilities say that we can that we assigned to households individuals and you do need a holistic approach fifty where is for me to take place at the same thing with water when when we we about will when talk talk talk talk about about about water cause others you can go the said weekend harvest rain and water from the use it for gardening like those but and things then it at control your building also need to encourage that so a balancing there's act that needs to take place and these things also come at a price setting up that infrastructure from the the household side of and from municipality the side of the there is a cost that is involved and and ultimately also means that municipalities will eventually not be is the have if where did way the that have they if we are we disposing of less did in me that we the past absolutely thank much that was very you so insightful mosibudi have any closing notes busy because i know that you are and you have other interviews to attend do you have any closing notes and anything that the listeners can do they information need further or want to learn to go green more so last week you would have heard that south africa has been approached this this to get huge huge it's alone effectively towards the just just vision is these talking about all things that we've spoken of couple and a of months ago south african parliament approved a bill for independent power producers to produce about one hundred mega watts of electricity be able and to sell it to of electricity the grid those are very significant advances that up abedian been made by our own country maybe a parting shot would say be to to we are being given an opportunity make choices to in terms of our climate behaviour and change and encouragement would before us wherever we can to make a choice left that is impact on the environment that to say actually going the environment it creature so when opportunities arise for us to not be reliant on eskom let us not be that are resisting the ones this thing such such opportunities let's take them up but also let's look out for economic opportunities that may come out of these things and think about of jobs what kind are going to be required sars to take place for then static start instilling these things on the young ones they so that know that there are other options of outside being a doctor an you're engineer or if an engineer you can just specialise in the jobs in that supporting are supporting transition a just transition our just period environmental management absolutely i think everybody is get is motivated to this journey on the road we can be so that part of the result the the and part of the actual than solution rather the problem which we currently are thank you for your time zipho thank much for having you very me have a my good day