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13 Sep 2021 @ 15h30

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ensuring all your offers odwa a en in by the interview dit dis more critical than ever considering te motale t has gone up due rate to covid-19 the thirteen to the seventeenth of september max national wait wills reminder that it's important valid to have a will and testament to make it easier for your loved ones to deal with death solids your just is ook alex same joune who is gesê o of capital legacy mega thank simon you thank so you so simon much for much me for making time life is obviously aan praveck turbo covid-19 a jy has stake in so many from people away as have you not just in up to can people drafting wills ja inspiring as jy nou uit huge beloop last year a leg and since the people institute are just wants will but also to update there will i checked we still have nasty in in in balsamic in nick the best the it best so het stil so saints stil saying the still nag people whistle sign will and in a sandbox tenants situation funeral botes and we still see reloaded states where it will the was now and pa is it se speak started support ja what other implication living in of 'n stayed midvelde well al a day so ek higher tencent your job security f baby at children can so you lief actually cash for for property property some seem cash to toe them that cash we don't you will and do their trust for them against the government's cardin van attended day and then also it's it's it's the you don't situation that get the chance to and what gets the the state will what's concerned save you gets skraap formula you don't money but you lose the don't say gets one that's what she and wants just i think also it's what happened speakers erodes never laid the thulas you down exactly what he wants happen several skrif to second gets on the c you and know c soek ordinary tax sister and man ek gaan season operates just it's just the pain of when i got op is die sebati te en hy a financial imagined b implication siswe dudes belangrik the takes state the more it's gonna cost you beneficiaries the also it's the kerstyd ek langer state takes the then the get lang ehlers way to money from the state lambie you gonna wait ken ownership up to property doing will it will so by so doing by it by points battle the professional gonna insects so you checkers pick step forward in making so you patterson just announced to deal with the estate ja in in terms of updated the world how often in can that be dan actually ook hard daaraan outside skip list whenever we having a live changing the then brian els die mary student august average vaal die something met concerned business eston like you would die eston wind a cup a new cup exit new exit the company the company like things that is when you need to back to will updates go will saam en hulle same met in in this is often lippe is also boycotts benefit on your oldest you because will doesn't sal jou laat you can you julle policies that alles is tans op dewald matshiqi ek luister working toets and so so goed is op is to event have liking college financial past glad you will galaksie policies in are all the money can chika you'd be surprised what you absorb hoeke dis maybe ook cheers 'n is is navigation now in the our case steeds for change ja ja ja you need to share the details with a loved one en hulle word sodat visible to consult perhaps your children all pad na jou loved your ones when dropped annual sector santie blind standards it's really difficult c watson there o my beste charl richards met do something nou en dan not the case breek tax i encourage everyone will c c wit people ja en dit is ietsie jiba everyone assigned regional koppie even better prices and old mutual the is reeds soos god decided regional karre ja ja alex thank so much you for remaining as wide that so important we get a affairs anything in order should happened alex simon nights is the c o a capital legacy still soek