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2021-03-22 18:22:34

22 Mar 2021 @ 18h15 - Turnberry Risk Management Solutions

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afro politicians you were to our specials still listening human rights day caia addition of bears where we are sharing some conversations with you that are very pertinent to livelihoods our and and elements that often impact pockets our and today we're going to venture our conversation now into which speaks to healthcare the year if last year it's go but been anything to we all know is how pertinent it to actually take care of our and wellbeing health specifically given this healthcare pandemic we've been been in in that we've and and the the subsequent subsequent experienced lockdown lockdown that we've but what happens understanding when it comes to your human rights when it comes access to quality to healthcare and even healthcare insurance but also understanding the responsibility as that you hold an individual who seeks healthcare to take out insurance and understanding you need how it is that to come to the table order to make in sure that your cover fully compliant is you've fully the disclosures complied with some of that needs to be of made and course that you've paid up any arrears in terms of terms of might the service the that service you that might you be sil be soliciting to help us understand about this we joined more on the line the ceo by of turnberry risk management solutions is turnberry a company that has extensive experience the healthcare across and insurance industries in south africa offering assistance to both brokers and clients headquartered also here in johannesburg in bedfordview is tony the ceo singleton line who joins us on the this evening tony welcome to to speak to you this good a much to you and to speak your listeners i'm quite excited to get into this conversation so because it's not often that we think about human rights healthcare and right but so often actually very leads to closely interlinked and as mentioned the introduction in this is really been the fore brought to specifically on pandemic the back of the that we've been experiencing guess but i i perhaps this can set the tone our conversation for in terms of understanding just how important is access to quality healthcare many for for south africans ins it's it's absolutely essential be the need for cooperation and private between the sector to the public sector is absolutely import low now but i think we are seeing with the with covid and the the the minister making covid pmb i'm sorry about the the acronyms and one but scribes that prescribed minimum benefits benefits in other words all all medical aids have got to cover that by doing that the the medical aids pay so the and initial diagnosis and and testing positive the person as covid then regime the treatment by former a so i think really seen we've that in this last year people people where been have tested been in tested in have private price and public facilities really maximising and because in in south africa and throughout the world medical professionals has really pushed to the minutes been and the national us twelve years and i think when you're at looking a person's the ones k formed you really everybody on back and and held the pace they can not so the forward different silos into of things but rather having the right to come and i when you think is well chatting do with the public sector thing is i think there are some which challenges we've been hearing on the one side but there are actually areas of excellence so in terms of a cents and particularly the the red cross children's hospital them in rondebosch in the cape so i think really getting all just the resources pointing in the the and right direction is so important for the all vision and i think you've seeing us throughout the world with the various responses the from various countries so ja i think think i think i absolutely vital absolutely vital incredibly vital and i think when a country so much more so like south africa we know the right where discrepancies in the inequality level of that we have when it comes to adequate access to good quality healthcare africa in south but this is where companies come in like yours right in terms of providing solutions and services to help meet consumers who can afford it half way maybe give background as to us some what turnberry does and you actually how help to try to retires democratise to quality access to quality access through health healthcare various insurance products available on the market the offering primarily in what's called gap the medical space which is the the longer term futhi's medical expense shortfall cover but it really covers the gap between the medical aid cover and medical professionals who would charge their effective five an example medical aid will typically pay a medical aid great for a treatment might which be a sales say one hundred percent of the medical aid rates which a thousand might be rand so specialist the space himself this may charge a multiple without two times three times so done so five times so what we do what we we provide that bridging gap venturing covers the relative client the pace to the and the year but i think really i'm chatting to clients absa brokers each barely i think the thing that are with me is that you don't really if at if all possible some financial and i understand financial constraints constraints and things when you've got a loan on is in trouble leading medical with care your ones is the financial treasurers where we see if it can be avoided total a a quite often one use another a dds p designated service provider often quite schemes the the schemes the and things actually and things actuaries say well if is an ailment there you need to go this particular into facility to be treaties and sometimes doesn't quite work the space where refers she to to refers to is not part the thing and of then you end up with some terrible present applicable to what it and then happens is the our cover would over any then penalties during up up to a certain amount so i think when a when when chatting about and discussing it with gauteng the it's very important rhino medical cover or whatever you've got cans right at of everyone's the back mind then interact and it's usually i think only when you get a reminder from your medical aid provider the at end the end of year the year of the about climate above changes in things quickly when you make a decision and move forward that i with was really strong we advise we want as to make use of professionals this and medical professionals such as brokers financial advisors saw to just make sure that it's much an affordability very superbly so so got the aligning your alive health with your business you've got on your medical aid side on the one and then looking overall and saying there is it's certainly ensure fall so that person can't cover or or car managers and sure that making they've got and medical insurance product to to complement but never so so what songs at interject nineteen to take there just to their just do us an opportunity to to to allow to actually flesh this conversation out into into the theme explore we want to which is the balancing of the human rights and the access that we have to to help cover through service providers like yourselves and understanding the responsibilities that also follow upright we know that it's a contract signed that you their terms and conditions and like you have rightfully mentioned there are details get changed that often in terms of this and living document contract that engage with with service providers or rather medical insurance providers and i'm keen to understand from you when it comes to the balancing of your rights and understanding you can fight what for this is your responsibility in terms of what you need to to your disclose medical insurance company what it's been some of the typical mistakes you've monitored africans south do or make when entering into these kind of growth agreements i can't often i'm lucky when because from a policyholder a policy protection holder protection point of view of look we sort absolutely all complaints and queries rejected claims and and and things i'd like see to if we need to tweak the advice with the all the conversation with the broker or a communications with the clients like that and things the biggest thing we see the on on the claims side is not people is people understanding not understanding that the benefits they've got trend since the medical insurance aimed is at in hospital primarily cover and yet clients will send in their dischem account something like or that bridging which isn't cover and them worries me because did medicine account so expensive as we know and so understanding not understanding the recorded have product explain with them and discuss and then let's a if it's not problem and another thing is well important it's to be talking all the time the reason fame it's for instance a condition that covered but quite often many understand the did report behind it and the reason during something as you never with a lot of treatments cancer the chemotherapy dealt with there's allow patient type this thing that is covered even it's though not in hospital because it does provide a higher level of care the convenience asians it's a lot a lot easier to these treatments and have look probably speak yet to the protocol signed protocol saying those those places but covered is a patient but i've also had some procedures particularly over this period where peter distances adds to go to a hospital because of the year being taken the rate and the the way the because the volumes just simmered and some of the doctors got the facilities have to do in procedures procedures they would would normally normally have done then we would and look that's domestically well and say you know what that is best interests in the of the patients were in pandemic a situation but let's just review this thing with a certain amount of understanding so also but compassion so when did when you dealing with people's lives and health i think the last the most old important using thing in his is tillerson to is a contract often this and the contractual side say and as i to my people and this thing to the right do you've it got to look at and an effective also mentioned number of there's a come because the medical professionals the or say your broker financial adviser also but are companies as well so to claims be your that you have something where the medical aid and it's not being covered see or you being taken now to your medical savings account you see where there is a prescribed minimum benefits then there are companies and help to investigate sometimes when when you were saying what is a combination a combination can quite often be colluding that the doctor's rooms put put will on the claim on the claim which will then mean it's not a prescribed minimum benefits won't be covered in full quite often is and just a phone call to tribute to discuss it debt the code corrective and then it can go into the right the right claims the right claims but then also the to talking they say chris certain and companies as well as well as providing this is part of their employee benefit type arrangement where they do it because a i felt number of companies where they they've to mention help chatted turn the biggest problem have is we is looking have done but have these they per usual expenses are tied ten in thousand rand which is a show her name for the hospital to procedural whatever they have to do a soft loan to their employees to help them care get the where they had some sort of potentially grew covering trace thembi voluntary or compulsory company the pays for but if i company and pay say the but i think or companies moment are just so cash flow sense we bought we've gone if through because and it so hasn't in a very are tough economy you very right there tony i'll have to jump in then interject because you've really taught us some significant lessons in terms of understanding some of the key nuances understanding in terms of what kind of medical insurance cover we have understanding the importance of disclosing our illnesses some of as well two medical insurance companies to ensure that we adequately covered influencing and even our companies our companies employers and employers and to review and is re look how it that they look at benefits some of our regarding the shortfalls that we have you so much thank you've for your time this evening really given us a lot of information to absorb which we are grateful formed it really does as empower us on our journey in terms of making sure that we are adequately covered in terms of our medical insurance which then helps us access quality medical healthcare in south africa which is in line with part of our basic human thank rights we thank we you again you for again your for contribution your contribution conversation to the to the this evening tony and look forward to hearing from you again in the future absolutely you'll enjoy the rest of your days you so much thank for politicians singleton that was tony he's the ceo at turnberry risk management solutions divorce can be a dramatic altering and life experience