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middle children have always to be rebels been known take a dry with many more boy and find out if mazars newly launched baby suv backs attitude or not eyeing even the mazda ciex three have been thinking to yourself i wish it was a little bit hola i was was bigger it was bigger might you might you in actually like actually be and that's because the japanese manufacturer has recently unveiled the all new ciex thirty and today we about to find out this vehicle what hasn't store free what done will essentially with the ciex taxi inspiration sea three from the forever expertise available and three those those models being active being active so dynamic as well as the individual aubrey models in a two available litre engine offering little nuances that have a differentiation between the models and as i'm about to get into the will take car it right and we'll see those what submissions i've just been taking a drive in the latest ciex thirty december the individual models the type of the range just and i'm a going feel to give you a bit of of what's scary i feel like as opposed to the ciex that we off the back write if you looking at it you've the got trail the licence train licence do borrowings do borrowings its inspiration it's the ciex three from so that's pretty standard i if don't think that i appreciate does have a that it bigger boot space it is ultimately bigger than the ciex three unfortunately it does not have a double compartments however does have a it spare wheel it don't necessarily which you find and other compact suv that's actually so a good thing for many moses perspective i'm glad it might have wheels a well and moving over to the the vehicle side of i did mention that come in these all two litre variants the most thing about extent the individual if you're wondering what the differences and models are this one a rear view has camera so you've got the sense that the back because the census the back at and if you're coming inside it from the is all leather interior to the as opposed dynamic and the active one of the things also that very are also very difference between different between the the individual the other two and models is the poles system sound and coming the vehicle through to the front on one of the most distinct differences between the yesterday the expecting are the headlines are very slick led lights however do what i not really like is the chrome that ties finish into the bumper can be bit of a hit a and miss depending which side of on design your lean on most distinctive the say about the growth ciex this between the year in the sea bcx that three the ciex thirty comes mass at this almost like grow as opposed to three that the ciex has horizontal lines running across the from inside of the mass just cs that's what i really appreciate for is trying a brand that to within the sub compact compact suv segment trying to compete with other premium brands more is the finishes board too the sport dash you've so got you've a got very a very so leather feel which does really give it that premium feel with on it stretching and you've got your basic instrumental faster you can see a speedometer that's no different from any other mazda these speed are six automatic and this is across all three models that are available what i do like is the fact that you've got your entertainment system rights smack bang in the middle the dash board of however is not it is not interactive interactive and it is a push to start which is which is something i like it so it's a push that start to you've got one i suppose usb port i do like the fact that consol the central slide back and then open and you like me and if shares you do drive with online you do not want get damaged off them to tend if i'm to sit on machines getting into the car this compartments you've got at the top six actually can talk to you so very nice feel the very nice bill very much like the rover land range rover evoke from a cabin perspective got sufficient space i have no complaints a driver perspective from the adjusted for the driver is electronic as you can am shifting see now i however persons are going to handle to have will be okay with the money back into the seat speak about feels what it like the c expertise as a passenger the one thing i can tell mazda you that are marketing this as a five seater this seat is then my driver position about and one point six two which is average growth hide and already i feel as though i don't have enough particularly if i'm going on a road trip drive or a long distance i can get my is feet it's not not the most ideal level and then coming to one of my favourite futures features do like like i i do the the fact fact that that the middle seat drops and you've got additional cup holders which is which is great and having spoken about it being a five seater due to drop for instance this automatically turns into a for sita which i feel should have been such built as not marketed as a five as a procedure seater more these at the back you've got events which are air conditioned events however the other thing that i really do not like and i feel that mazda missed out six thirty on on is is charging that that there there are are no no charging at the track these are very important if you particularly driving long distance with want children you them to be entertained but tend to sit on they do their tablets so now you have done a great job forever a passenger from perspective you could have done better one of the things that i found that it does not have an electronic toll gates say actually mainly it like this this this that's supposed supposed to to be be vehicle vehicle that competing completed with premium models premium of other offerings this is definitely not premium a offering feature now if you're looking at vehicles such as vw turok maybe the ciex thirty an alternative looking at the audi as q2 well this may be an alternative from a price forever point of view the to other little more expensive for example the vw to europe retail at eighty about four hundred and thousand rand and the ciex price thirty base is something along the lines hundred of four and thirty-nine thousand rand a little so it is more affordable than the other vehicles two after doing a little more driving do have to say i foreign nonperformance vehicle is quite it a decent drive and it gets the job done in other good news be pleased you'll to know that if have an android you do device or even an iqos device the vehicle does come standard auto road auto with android as well as well as apple conflate as it isn't a performance so car i can't expected to one to move from zero hundred real quick but it does give you a bit of a nice to it feel while you on the road from and a maintenance perspective mazda gives you three year unlimited the mileage warranty service plan as well as and lastly they throw in road side the assistance according to lightstone auto ciex three the as well as the ciex have have five featured quite prominently featured quite prominently in the best selling small suv as big as well suv market the ciex so with regards to thirty only time will tell mazda have made a great at decision and in closing i'd really like to say are looking for something if you simple something comfortable affordable something this vehicle may are looking for just be what you