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on the old drive motoring monday and out of interest who was south africa's number one bakkie sales winner in twenty twenty we more less gave you updates every month which single bakkie won the double race cab sales in south africa in two thousand twenty and the ranger ranger according to lightstone the toyota auto hilux again was the was best the best selling double selling cab them bakkie in the country for two thousand and retaining twenty its two thousand and nineteen grounds registered fifteen toyota thousand three hundred double and thirty-nine hilux cab units during thousand the year of two and twenty and that was close close was only eight hundred and forty-five units ahead of the ford ranger sneaking in this this now to that's curse ford at ranger comes in fourteen thousand four hundred and ninety-four you got fifteen thousand rights nine three hundred and thirty-nine for fourteen the hilux fourteen thousand ford thousand ford four ranger ninety-four for the ninety ford in third place her membership of fifteen thousand fourteen thousand third place is only five thousand five hundred and sixty-two and that's the isuzu d max it came to the economy and third what a massive jump isuzus between the which is a great britain car might away both that year the new hilux driven the new isuzu d max i haven't driven a ford ranger as yet she never driven a ford ranger licence it's nice it's nice car to drive a i it is driven the latest hilux double cab latest and ict max both are incredible cars there they feel more like cars and bakkies and that they've got that the fact it's just bakkie at the back amazing anyway will keep an eye so there we go on sales in africa for south two thousand and twenty-one but that's where we signed of last of signing year i speaking ferrari