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20 Dec 2020 @ 23h45 - Lightstone Property

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through lockdown what they have observed is with regards to the amount of houses that they say that up for lenasia sale in i'm seeing the board's many on sale houses are before we shouldn't see so many houses going on sale so easily cost effective way that i could determine what properties in a particular are india interesting question with regard to valuation proper evaluation they must must start start off off by by saying saying that this is now an evolving and discipline it's becoming and the kind of speciality in of how terms or the process abet practitioners adopt in valuing assets with it said the interesting estate agency a company that provides some cost very effective solutions to individuals more within that are much reach so the standard valuation property of can cost in cost between anything between anything maybe a thousand two thousand rand even more maybe up to about maybe thousand six seven depending on the table property location so forth and but the company this is an interesting in and and one it may come across is promoting a particular company and only doing i'm it because their particular or estate company thales agency eazi is providing a alternative an that is workable for ordinary consumers lightstone is property they've introduced they've introduced an easy low cost an e valuation service for for individuals in the past this very provided same company the service to estate agents lenders they've now but made a service available directly to home owners or even potential buyers just for for an unbelievable simple ninety rand estate not many agents that iron ore offer this of kind of service where this basic low price individuals to be able to determine valuation of property so basically the valuations there was confirmed the illegal description of the property and owners name the by using a combination recent sales of off in the area the suburb over the last trends ten years or so the and municipality valuation of property they provides tool basically insight into what the property would sell for potentially petty is quite useful the for a fellow obviously seller obviously understand the to prices understand to that other properties for in the area are selling because you find many of them a seller overreach their own property thinking that their property the best whole street in the and then no where when when there's interested buyers and sellers pie who eat humble and bring down the priced similarly you look at valuation when its very well a buyer to understand for the value of property so that you avoid maybe a buyer's where you purchase remorse a property and you realise will something got into something according to in every other every home everyone is being acquired a fraction of what ab journey so is why valuation that becomes important so if anyone is a home owner not looking or sell to buy the service can individuals even help those understand whether investment the home is still an and if property in the area maintaining still the values so that's basically from lightstone the tool property simply by googling lightstone property or trained some of the tools saying that c for just i just i want to want highlight to one highlight or two monday in response others to the question because think there i are other tools and products are available that online stores website how are equally valuable there's one property one report can purchase that individuals and then you pay for called its the property risk report for me hundred and fifty rand plus two vat the property risk report is based fleet designed to a clear deliver understanding of the various risks properties goes to so information on the same venue credit risk suburb demographics owners maybe details even bond all these provide relevant information on property and surroundings the of their properties report or risk the further deals into various crime in whether and learn characteristics within the area it provides so insight into maybe things like expected a the lightning floods risk as well as ab soul solo now what's called assess soil soil type a seismic activity seismic activity even though south even africa is not on our now on a fault line of any or at sort least at a nobody but even details lake proximity to mind in audits or so the property this of click or something quite attractive and then caught my two hundred fifty rand eye for plus vat other report and any which is also interestingly disabled report saddled reported a mere seventy-five rand provides plus vat a comprehensive overview off the boundaries of a suburb the number of free all title properties sectional within the similarly suburb some amenities like amenities like of the schools schools police stations shopping centres includes areas of democratic demographic like information lake the average age of home owners within an area so this is the perfect like thing to include property along with a brochures on a day when you showing review your property and encouraging people and view property to come just providing a suburb report paying um years some of seventy-five vat rand plus can go a long way in a potential opportunity securing buyer appropriately via appropriately so so among many other things lightstone does make property valuation much more within reach as i for individuals mentioned the first product to in response the question was the property was valuations there a mere ninety then then they refer to the property risk report which is also interesting and within the south african context and finally the civil report which also matters only the not valuation of the property you may be interested tell that in it is also the general suburb that maybe important to when purchasing consider property to just mention few options maybe we can try and use those facilities that you have just mentioned eighteen minutes past nine or just to remind our listeners this is the conscious consumer was small mohamed whose haffajee discussing with us money on monday i just can coming late lightstone property's to they refer feed services certainly not for free in in justice a the justice a i disclaimer disclaimer don't get any commission from promoting products and just for consumer benefit referring to the facility that are available for credit saying that one of our listeners throwing a volvo i'm not sure to if you in a position or if you can give your best and try and it it for six wealth it says planning can be complex can be summarised but is it in what key takeaway would be the so what would your advice some interesting question will question whales penny is whales twenty is indeed complex indeed in it take years does of expertise of individuals be able to to to provide adequate wealth planning for strategies individuals and i must say that one size fits a all it's very difficult to me on the table when it comes wealth planning to but be that as it may i think from a wealth planning view point of the first and probably the most important takeaway is is the the world's words worst worth wealth wealth planning planning suggest said is the issue of the failure to plan budget and is the work suggests wealth all about planning it's budgeting and planning a well it's a very basic it's component or financial and planning and an amnesty telling her to their state of budgeting for many people their bills just pay and then spend what is left on living expenses with no plan on for a future saving gold saving for a financial go before you determine your your spending is an elementary budget principle that many individuals to referred as being yourself first so pay yourself whenever you first you receive a lump sum of cash in the form or any of a salary other bonus firstly yourself and then look after all your other chamber living or expenses in my view setting money your aside for investment goals or your long term goals will not only helping individual make effort a disciplined to save will also meet your and live within obligations your means because you find it be certified set aside your money your which money which seriously coil is your is saving your long term goals eight coupled performance of hedge and then everything else tailor your now you your day to day needs to fit with just whatever is left make sure you hand you don't go beyond that so so that is probably important the first and most takeaway when it comes to wealth planning aspect of budgeting and it's not rocket saying it doesn't take much expertise one just needs to apply their minds sit down and a provide just basic common sense in planning the cleaning the terms of financial financial affairs affairs i can provide more details new hopefully in the year with with regard to basic budgeting tools in short courses our long causes twelve along courses on on piloting the second takeaway important which which from a very funding perspective is important and if ignored from a from a conventional wealth planning perspective the issue and this is of providing for liquidity when say providing i for liquidity of referring of the most underrated to one consequences of death is which effect of aspect the of the need for need liquidity for in it order be able to meet to the financial investec obligations of especially when a person days associated the costs with f together with the texas obligations needs and to be paid for in cash and when when there is not in sufficient cash yesterday the executive basically faced with a situation where he needs to ask pay beneficiaries to money into the st all to decide which you need assets to sell in to come up with order the cash shortfall in order to manage so the interventions greatly alert members to think additional key that when dealing with particular individuals data so ever registration said protective provides an added layer of protection peace of in mind regardless of whether the identity of the applicant has been compromised or not so so that their website is very relevant its www dot s a p s did altered thirty and then the other one i want to talk about the other bayly's service provider control prevention sidings victim to the registration fraud registration where consumers where to identity who fell victim theft already can basically credit contact the provider who listed them term in the short and let the company investigate this particular flawed if the consumers are not getting any joy from credit providers then they can contact the south african fraud prevention side system for further as i mentioned just reiterate for free that for ie protection against identity told website the www dot sa ps dot za org dot under the careful fraud prevention myself i visited for others calls consol prevention on apply just click for protective registration on your register your leader i think the best is to a smartphone because there is a bit of a digital process involved in completely successfully so wonderful we need to go far and and returning south break afri conclude programme the programme one two or two was one with or questions that questions we have a before ten but that let's take a break