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17 Dec 2020 @ 16h45 - Lightstone

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take a closer look at issues around property joining us is st jaani marks whose head of real estate at lightstone been they've looking various various things things one the stats of jumped out to me single women continuing to lead the way s dyani the highest number of has first time buyers this news is has been going on for a while how good afternoon i'm certainly not new phenomenon that we've actually been tracking of the trends the last year very interesting definitely to see that female buyers are picking also up and says times in our what's by what's it driving it driving think economic activity females for that would definitely be one things of the and also you know we see that that women specifically may look at an in investment terms of properties so that some of the would be aspects buts that's driving buyers female into property i'm just wondering why this has been because such a difficult would have thought year you that people would want to somewhere have a partnership in wanting to go out and buy any first time female buyers out there do give love us a call i'd to hear from you and have if you ventured into the property market this first time buyers year we are talking about really share your experiences because that might light shed some on that orange farm is that an area not many people i think unless live out there you would associate with a big drive in house sales but there is an area called dramatic and it's seen volume of volume the of highest property residential property residential transactions what's trans going on there to make we'll have definitely look at what is on there going i don't specifically know the area myself agrisig suddenly but it's interesting to that it actually see out on top in of the number of terms volume of transaction three hundred so and eighty-two transactions in that summit for this year which is phenomenal jan anyone indeed who's whose bought their is bought or know someone the tell us what's happening mid stream mid stream there in centurion estate in centurion estate in terms of the combined value of transactions very high the highest in fact is that an area that has performed over the past strongly years mainstreaming for a after his sought and we see that it in the top actually ten in terms volume of transaction of the folk came place in at second for the number of transactions and first place in terms of the value of transaction so it is an ever increasing estate in cited in situated centurion the centurion area gauteng of so only this last year crystal for two thousand ball and twenty-one cautious optimistic optimistic cautiously went definitely definitely all look i mean we've seen very very interesting spike in transactions property has here which we didn't expect that giving covid over the was present really and we very optimistic that the trend may for hold