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10 Dec 2020 @ 16h45 - Lightstone

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ways john perlman on seven for our time weekly look at the world of property for this we are joined by sars marks who is head of real estate at lightstone in the spotlight house we're looking at the price index which has just been published and it takes a look at residential prices property in south africa is the only welcome and thanks for your time greater so us what does tell this index actually and and look at dwellings that people might by are what the trends different for example for apartments compared to houses anything there that we know about should we look at the national inflation for free health as a sectional title and if we look at free not freehold specifically so has actually declined a bit from its from all let me just say one the last we can see two thousand and seventeen the national inflation for freehold hold was was so say it that that treat three two to thousand the and eighteen point eight was at three percent but it hold steady from two thousand and nineteen two thousand and nineteen until today at two point six percent whereas you'll sectional title actually started off very in two thousand strong and fourteen a of a dip little bit and currently sitting one point four at only percent so down has declined a bit further than what your free actually declined is over the last year or two is the only joining marks us joining from us from which is lightstone where lightstone she is head of real estate those key numbers that underpin so many of the conversations around property this is seven minutes o two to three to five when he stepped