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7 Dec 2020 @ 21h00 - Lightstone Property

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with mr mohamed haffajee eleven minutes past welcome nine o'clock welcome back to the back second to the second hour in the final whole weekly fix twenty programme crossed and we over now to move d mohamed haffajee move to say is based german tolo must south africans to service the head of economics and finance desk at tolo who is malema south africa going to chunga the discuss what does conscious consumer so my engineer me we indicates to do have fifty mohamed the line haffajee on arcelor moleko matolong to sub nkosana lawyer about khato manana saved in listeners all the of radio slum time at this point in how are some you doing this evening's to one hundred and nothing to and very complain about happy to be with you your company in in with all the listeners with us at were this point in time feelings and mutual also looking forward to learn benefit and from your expert at it to give parent for availing hundred yourself and loss of one dollar reward you accept it from fifty in solar mathema cultures consumer jews consumer worse multi mohamed worsened haffajee nowadays after a lockdown what they have observed is with regards the amount of houses to that they say up debt for sale in lenasia boards i'm seeing the many houses are on sale shouldn't before we see so many houses going so on sale a cost effective way that determine i could what properties are in a particular area interesting interesting question question with regard valuation to property they must start off by saying that this is now an evolving becoming discipline and it's the kind of speciality in terms of how or the process that practitioners adopt valuing in assets with it said there's an interesting estate agency a company that provides cost some very effective solutions to individuals more within that are much so be reach so the extended valuation standard valuation of property of can anything between cost maybe a thousand two thousand maybe even more rand up to about seven maybe six thousand depending on the table property location and so forth but the company and this is and and come an interesting one it may across is promoting a particular company i'm only and doing it because the particular thales or company estate agency is providing a an alternative that is workable for ordinary courts is this lightstone property they've introduced an easy low cost valuation service for for individuals past this in the very same company provided the service to estate agents lenders but they've now the service made available directly to home owners even potential or buyers for for just an unbelievable simple ninety rand not many iron estate agents that ore offer this kind of spur service of where is this this price basic basic low for individuals to be able to determine valuation of property so basically the valuations was confirms there the illegal description of the property and the owners name by using a combination of of recent sales in the area suburb the trends over the last ten so years or and the municipality valuation of property their tool basically provides insight into would what the property potentially sell least sealed for for it is quite useful petty for a seller obviously to understand the prices that other properties selling for in the area are because them you find many of a seller over race their own property thinking that best their property is the in the whole street and then when when there's where no interested buyers than sellers do who eat humble pie and bring down the priced similarly when you look it very at valuation well for a buyer to the value understand of property so that you avoid maybe maybe a a buyer's buyer's remorse remorse where where you you purchase purchase property and you realise price a will we got into something in every other woman has been acquired a fraction of what june so why evaluation that is becomes important so if anyone a home owner is not looking sell to buy or the service can even help those individuals understand whether the home is still an investment and if property in the area still maintaining the values so that's basically lightstone the tool from property simply by googling it's true property you trained some of the tools that unforeseen i just want to highlight one or two others mining index points to the question because i think there are other tools and products that are available at online stores website are equally how valuable there's one property one report that individuals can purchase and then pay it called for the property risk report mere for me two hundred and fifty rand plus vat the property risk report especially designed clear so to deliver of understanding of clear understanding the various the risks various properties exposed information to so on the same venue credit risk suburb demographics owners maybe even bond details provide all these relevant information on the property and in surroundings of their properties or risk report for the further deals into various crime whether and learn characteristics in within the area provides so it insight into maybe things like the expected a lightning floods risk as well as we saw tolo a which called called assess soil soil type seismic activity even all is not on our south africa on a fault line of any sort or at least that nobody but even a details lake proximity to mind in what it was so the property bodies something industry quite attractive and then caught my eye for two hundred and fifty vat rand plus and any other report interestingly which is also the suburb report saddled reported seventy-five a mere rand plus vat provides a comprehensive overview off the boundaries of a suburb of free a the number free all sectional all title sectional title properties within properties the suburb of the amenities like some schools police stations shopping centres it includes areas of democratic like information demographic like the average age of home within an area owners so this is perfect like the think to include along with a property brochures on a day when you showing property and your encouraging property people to come and view just providing a sober report being years some of seventy-five rand let's bet can a long way in go securing a potential appropriately buyer so among many other things lightstone make does property valuation much more within reach individual as for mentioned the first product in response to the question was the property valuations there was a mere ninety then then to the property they refer risk report which is also in interesting and within the south african context and finally the suburb report which also matters it's not only the valuation of property that you may be interested tell it in is it is also general the so general sober also the that may be important to when purchasing consider property to just mention few options maybe we can try and use those facilities that you have just mentioned eighteen minutes nine o'clock just past to remind our listeners the conscious deceased consumer with mr mohamed haffajee whose discussing with us money on monday i one can just coming here says that lightstone products property's we that do they referred to if paid services feed services and their natural free and just as a disclaimer i any commission don't get from promoting products and just for consumer benefit referring to available the facilities that are for credit saying that fifty-seven our listeners one of throwing a curve not ball to i'm sure if you in a position if you can or give your best and and he it for try six it says planning can wealth be complex be but if it can summarised in what would be the key takeaway is what would your advice to question interesting wealth planning is indeed complex and does take years it of expertise of individuals to be to able to provide adequate wealth planning strategies for individuals and i must say that a one size fits all it's to very difficult lay on the table when to wealth planning it comes but be that as may it i think from a wealth of planning point view the first and probably important the most takeaway is the world's worst wealth suggest planning is the issue of like the failure to budget and plan is the suggests wealth planning it's all about budgeting and planning well a it's a it's a very basic of financial component planning and and and an planning estate the aspect of budgeting for many people just variables bills and then left spend what is on living expenses with no plan on on saving for a future gold saving for saving for a financial goal before you determine your your spending budget in elementary principle many that individuals referred to as being yourself first so you first yourself lump whenever you receive a sum of cash in a salary or the form of any other bonus firstly yourself and then look after all living your other chamber expenses so in my view setting aside for your money investment goals term or your long goals will not only helping individual make a disciplined effort to save will also it'll meet meet your your obligations obligations and and live live you find within within your your means because that you set which aside your money is your saving coil goals a your long term couple performance of hedge and then everything else now you tailor your to day needs your day just to fit with is left whatever hand you make sure go beyond that you don't so so that is probably the first and most important takeaway when comes to wealth planning it aspect of budgeting and it's not rocket saying it doesn't take much expertise one just needs to apply their minds sit down and provide provide a just basic a just basic common sense comments of planning in terms the financial affairs again provide details more all pulling the regard new year with with to basic budgeting tools and short courses our long courses twelve long courses on on piloting the second important takeaway which which from a islamic perspective is very important and if ignored from a from a conventional wealth perspective planning and this is the issue for of providing liquidity when i say real providing liquidity of referring in the most more consequences to underrated of death which is aspect of need for liquidity the to meet in order to be able the financial obligations of domestic basically when a person days the costs associated death with together with the texas and obligation to be paid for in needs cash and when there is not when sufficient cash in estate the the executive basically faced with where he a situation needs to ask beneficiaries to money into the pay st or needs to decide which assets to sell with in order to come the cash a cash shortfall short or so in order to so manage liquidity advisable to these seek expert advice from an aspect then specialists but be that as it just a general me i would say if if any if if an estate planner is reach for beyond anyone listening to us i would say right now an individual in your own personal capacity sum just make sure you have a of cash which is there event of your passing in the on to take of is simple issues care that your burial expenses just your by expensive it is a good enough expense to look after many although there although are there many are expenses other that acts need other to be taken guild on the complexity depending of an individual's estate third the take we would says assuming will that the is is is absolutely be and it's the all enrolled although a well make it very i must clear although well is very important to distribute your personal assets it important to note is that there are certain you cannot address things which in your world example so for as an individual you you will will not not able to to be bequeath kwese be be able maybe of business shares in a to to beneficiaries whereas have entered into an agreement in your lifetime that your shares will be automatically acquired by the other partners wonder business this nigeria perspective is an important consideration because in a partnership it is possible that the existing shareholders while will have survive now they the first right to acquire deceased shares the shareholding or interest in the business so that kind of thing cannot by the will be regulated no matter question will sincerity there the partnership agreement already governance at particular shareholding that is already set for acquisition baby surviving shareholders so i think it's just example but to an assume that a will absolute is be all and all easy get taking adequate fire although it's an important document does her play it an important role important but it's to keep in mind that there are other consideration and estate then i would at the of confusing and common a a common friend is very blaming ongoing blaming on confusing explaining for escaping these two different things distinct very although debts is an unavoidable life consequence of and wealth creation doing planning based the tax on benefit or the tax implications of the instead practical implications planning of your long term maybe lead to a debate so trying to say wasn't that you may avoid ex them so you are doing explaining very well in terms of avoiding short term tax it's but in the particular same particular scenario may scenario may not work not well work your estate planning for because when the estate wound up people is incur exceeded thing so short term may be made but n longterm a lost gains and that is why not confuse we should text lending with a st ten list distinct and and and require expertise the last point i want to make minor the if aspect of not having plan a blueprint or which i'll annually to earlier when when when when when many individuals their are asked about strategies most people not are sure not sure the effect of the of effect that they that will ever on their family what they and can do to reduce the risk and optimise the growth wealth growth of the their so when when planning for the future it is important to know where you right now are and this can be done domestic and we shows with you what if you die today will happen what once you know what happened today we can now plans the event for updating your will maybe by out particulars structures setting which which focus it for a special needs and circumstances and further ensuring that your your wishes are carried out by updating policy information shareholder agreements so and so far i think in a nutshell fuelled those our the the wealth planning aspects forming itec where that i number one is the ability to plan budget number two is liquidity providing for on your desk so that extend expenses can estate be taken gil they the of aspect not not reading to well will while while deep into a it it is is important important is is document that's the the only only important for for for well spending gaubuses and then the fourth aspect explaining of confusing with a step in are not necessarily the same and finally just having a long term plan understanding that if tackled what walker today would happen what risks so exposed to delay that those risks can be mitigated elder response to the question because i'm sure listener sent the in the christian will be beneficial for him what heavy what you have mentioned moving on for them and for them more we take one more to suddenly take to one so forward question we question before we go break its with regards to identity froud fraud identity fraud is becoming increasing concern what and options do we in south africa have to protect ourselves again this identity theft fraud and and identity fraud is is very alarming and really concerning expect because form of us the bulk and we just gobodo innocent lows innocent individuals and individuals and untamed jimmy into enter a cellphone contract or maybe taking of your card out or store card or something that's what any price or your id document not realising it sometimes your id document be misused can in some way and sometimes even your handbag oil while it gets snatch it got all your key then documents there your your and your identity gets misused in somewhere the other and that can happen we very easily think about just a simple over your scenario handing id document or police officer if you go and intervene in union away and what's is happening or rwanda where at where your document a post office sometimes their people forget id documents and on as boast of account the recent when i missing code someone else's document on on our left gained documents so if that kind of document is be to to is to fall into end the wrong that's when you find the individual exposed to identity is theft in recent times saw in the news we the there was the the experian the experian the credit bureaux data was was leaked absa recently fnb of issues some kind very recently so it for every is vital south african to know can turn that they to the south african the prevention fraud society for free protection against fraud south african the fraud prevention society basically offers services several that entail it's vital a a sealed or can of consumer won the the of service their service effect the quality protective called registration a protective registration where the public can in can visit the website african fraud of the south prevention saki as its www dot a f ps african fraud prevention older society got thirty any basically registered to identity protect the against identity fraud most important that's not of the services and core i would say the of the south african fraud prevention society service offering ecd the protective so it was registration so was this it a free service it's a it's protecting individuals against future fraud consumers basically apply for the service and the south african fraud prevention the alert take members to additional key when dealing individuals with that particular data so ever said protective registration provides an added layer of protection in mind regardless peace of of whether the applicant identity of the has been compromised or not that did so so website is very relevant it's dot www s a b s did alter thirty and then the talk about other one i want to the other service provider bayly's prevention say fraud the victim fraud the registration consumers where who fell victim to identity theft can already basically contact the credit provider who them in the footsteps listed and let investigate the company this particular fraud if the not consumers are getting any joy from credit providers they can then contact the south african side fraud prevention before for further assistance as and those just just i mentioned on reiterate reiterate that that for for for for free free ie protection against identity fraud the website www dot f ps dot org dot za careful under the fraud prevention i visited myself vehicles prevention fraud is quick on apply for protective registration on your register you'll need best is to i think the a smartphone a bit of a because there is digital process involved in completely successfully beautiful so for to we go need for to go at break our break when annual return shova we conclude with the programme one or two a ten questions that we have but before that logistical at break willowton group manufacturers of sunfoil sunshine