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3 Dec 2020 @ 07h45 - Lightstone

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we got some good stories morning this good morning it took the morning you david to the agriculture sector seeing a record high wheat harvest sides fabulous news i there is going to be a knock hope effect for consumers on all that's probably tight spot is where the a few weeks ago are talking about bryson we digest exactly will be which means more expensive it even though seems as though we've witnessed a bumper crop terms of in wheat and barney harvest year and it for this might does seem as though they not be a ripple effect on consumers though david to let me but explain let me explain why why according data according to some that we've received from the agricultural business chamber of south africa what appears happened is that we witnessing to have greatest some of the levels of production in nineteen years specifically when it comes to we production but is also based this actually on the fact that we've had greater weather conditions instead of just actually having planted more in the initial so this season is worked quite well africa's favour in south where majority of the provinces where agriculture has been significantly growing worked out in this is actually driving our favour terms in of terms driving of economic that growth economic growth that the challenge south though however is that africa remains a net importer of and wheat despite reaching these nineteen year harvest well as significant as volumes we still one point need about five million tons be shipped of wheat to in from regions as from as far eastern europe as well as north america that tells us something in terms of just how much we actually happened to produce it comes to retail when which obviously only be used is not for bread but terms of the also in production of beer as as other products well in the market so here so david interesting quite it interesting has it has quite listed the let's fact that the despite fact that we have to import particular this gap there is also were quoted terms of the in us dollar so local we pricing for prices is not dictated local by the south african market unfortunately we follow international market the and their trends dollar denominated and that is which then is also our influenced by currency exchange rate to the us dollar but for the moment stats us a sa has given security that the cost of won't rise bread it should remain fairly in what we've seen stable and inflation line numbers with in recent about three point three percent great so agricultural court but unfortunately be forking we saw might out a little bit more bread as for well as bread rolls summer this coming we just can't catch a break their let's look at data on black friday where which shopping malls where we can ascertain winners and losers the on black friday gwk's we'll continue and to look at these numbers as they are david really a great precursor what we can anticipate to steve season this festive season holiday spending with holiday spending with thabiso mentioned or that some of the most she went to were rather empty and she is right from data that we saw from and lightstone tracker it seems centres as though where shopping actually saw a thirteen percent decline in the number of people entering their stores this just year when it comes the bigger malls to some of if you think about what is usually titled the super regional malls actually that saw a twenty percent decline in what's traffic actually driving this naturally of ongoing concerns about social distance as as well well as as safety safety south africans africans from from south but what banks there's also highlighted the fact that south is africans have actually opted to shop online hence that that sixty percent surge we saw on transactions that online took place what's interesting as i guess well to notice david if we do have to highlight some of the winners in gauteng specifically some of it the lesser known suspects market atterbury value centurion mall menlyn park clearwater mall of africa and escape actually of the winners happened to be some that saw slight for traffic increase in which translated into better it's sales a sales the but caddy the caddy but it from it what from what we understand is that on average more south african consumer spend an hour or at least forty-five within the minutes shopping centres so not really significant amount a of time to actually value out get much of your pocket so us an indication really gives of how south spending africans are where we're spending this and the impact that will have on the festive season rapid its looking at the markets important and that all brent oil the the oil price crude oil brent yesterday was a fantastic the day on yamaha sir david fifty-eight thousand and eighty-one two hundred point is where we closed so some nice up denel stocks from companies like tongaat hulett as well as italtile who highlighted better than expected earnings fifteen thirty-two we are to the is where us dollar two thousand and fifty two to the british eighteen pound and fifty-seven against the euro price brent crude oil david yesterday down we thought it was slipping today actually picking up to forty-eight per barrel dollar but given that day left till there's one more i don't think the end of the week we'll st make fifty you died thank died you thank they right gwk's there thank write you so much for that gugulethu will be back again at six with kobus o'clock