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3 Dec 2020 @ 16h45 - Lightstone Property

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clock property lets talk property let's talk now as last we've been doing over the couple of weeks it is six minutes to five we're going to look at issues this there are south africans who have than one property more they buy a second one for a range of reasons and to explore that we are joined by hayley ivan who is head downs of sales at lightstone property's hayley welcome good turvy on the show and thanks jan again for this opportunity so when people buy to a second property it what what is is it fourways fourways that that they've they've got got they have in cape a business town and they work in sometimes joburg is it investment and how those changed patterns over the last relevant period of time i'm not sure what they will be we look at a person so buying another property and we see kind of where it's at talent happening links us into possibly are getting out while they so there are multiple reasons as to why a person party would buy second to your point it they could be that they live and some they around work from they work in gauteng in gauteng they need a and place to kind of clients are to the when they start looking at some of those numbers simply given an indication we see the western cape and the kzn free find that people that actually live the western cape and they in live in kzn second property was in western cape fifty four percent of the people in western second cape the property in gauteng and kzn sixty-three it's a percent which definitely then talks fact to the that possibly a play stats they can come and say as they appear working if or possibly that they are renting it out and they see the gauteng market as good opportunity to a invest and range it's your ubuntu opportunity again we've spoken before so around the just semigration that's been happening so cobra with coming in and their people effect on what are doing with their lifestyles people the opportunity using to actually by another property another province in and possibly move that province and work from but keep keep property in gauteng property in gauteng is reasons a wealth of different it's really interesting because many have thought the real people would other trend would be the way but it's not fact that due to the people in cape town have and durban come to the realisation albeit very late the johannesburg is way more beautiful town than cape despite the fact a mountain that we don't have and is way way better climate in terms than durban even if it does get cold from time to time in in all seriousness it people are people getting value getting for value for those properties rand those rental obviously the coronavirus pandemic as has hammered the market a little bit but presumably people keep doing if it they are still seeing that upside we've space at the moment we've obviously where explored and some of sessions vc the other where at the moment it worthwhile to buy really property as renting as opposed to finding the rental market to be under a bit of strain at the moment so we are finding that people with rental are actually properties feeling a bit it of has a happened french in the the sense sense in that that people don't need to possibly rent the rental market not on a base good we do see obviously that going that is through a cycle this at the happens at the time we see the buyers markets being in demand for possibly the first months of next six year sil in the same rate that is currently but i market will think rental continue to be under under strain but that doesn't mean opportunity that it's not an to buy so properties investment a long term so if you are able to to buy a property afford property for as a second to rains it's always an opportunity there was a time when nelspruit was as boom talked about town that there was business opportunity there but also people we are seeing it particularly is a place to get away to from from the cold a highveld winter mpumalanga housing doing in that regard a province is is that that's still seeing good turnover good prices and i think they still there still rallying and i i good good think think they they are are not not as as as as the western cape another tyres western cape kzn the in terms of banks but we still looking at a market so gauteng owner would have a second property mpumalanga looking at nine percent we're which is probably par with your limpopo on and of if we kind compare that we can also see like western cape off a very small kzn small in terms very of mpumalanga there is the smaller one not the smaller free ones are your state your israel as a matter of interest mpumalanga mpumalanga lot still hold still holds a for especially for a gauteng because is a three and a it half hour drive so thanks very much just lost wholly urban ivan downs sales right at the end head of at lightstone property's we are