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2020-11-21 11:16:50

21 Nov 2020 @ 11h15 - Lightstone

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but in studio this morning do they call it when what same somebody has your name so i have a idea in studio in studio moses and and so now do moses is is a lot more she's she's she is a lot more me quieter than because she does real estate real estate and the agent and she's doing amazing phenomenal work and i'd like to welcome studio to the should run so much for joining as me a cartoon idea how all humbly learn you are welcome lamoela fortunate today today to be here aimed of and obviously i'm here to assist and advise our people out the educate them about the selling process of home your first of all principal nadia and director of moses real estate and also mother of three children and wife saham love been in the industry for fifteen years and we established have an idea moses real estate three ago in two thousand years and six eighteen and we have offices and mitchell's plain vanguard and crawford vanilla leila so we've been quite busy i think it's the important part of it's just not about selling a property it's about helping and educating our listeners are in terms community of selling buying and those things so we've got a wide range of services so our services is we do free on asians on valuations property property pre approvals bond applications estate late transfers and drafting of wills and shariah compliant walls so i think that it's very important mean you know i it's always important to a well have now i'm saying course that but of there is a lot with that why more that goes is it so important because at this stage seeing that into the homes every people's day see i it see on it on daily basis a daily a basis we have to come and they call to come and sell a us property you get to this and when property particular property don't people have wills people us passed away is no walls there in place so it a problem becomes because now you have is over fighting each other regarding a world that the the the lake person hasn't sorted out we educate so them we offer the free world every day right through the year it's only wills wills not week week which which we we have have now now is is simply has with the reason why we the free world are offering is because we see see this we in our muslim community and it's it's it's really sad come because we have to to these homes and seeing the fights and we are seeing that you cannot a property sell if there is no well or estate has not been wound up so process needs that to start while and it takes a so for now obviously the important we guide world is the clients to after the world start it free and we do of charge rates and besides world's that you offer the and you have i'm sure that an influx of of people queueing and of course this is comply compliant it's while entirely up to the client want to have a if they shariah compliant or if they don't want want so we drafted to according what the client wants because not also just we do that muslim clients yesterday we've got from different facts so we cannot you we tell cannot promote ja near compliant shariah compliant so well so well entirely it's up into to the client it's to if they want draft a normal well we'll also to them explain the difference of it need to make and they the choices and believe me the is you at this stage we've a lot of people got walking in especially elderly our people that they don't know where start to what do i do a have never had well i'm seventeen years never ever old and i've drafted a well because they want to know how do we start or we appoint as do an executive so so these are so the the advice that we have to give to these people for regarding world the so ja okay so today focus we are is going to be on end the other and the end that we are talking about is the person actually selling so not that easy it's it's just not that put us in the market you go now and the you so when you your property want to sell these obviously is obviously differing differing reasons why reason property you want to sell your each household has a different reason so they could be the reason that you to upgrade want i want to buy another property new these also divorce situations where people after divorce and that's the reason to sell why they have you've got financial difficulties one that's also of the reasons that you want sell and then you've to got the estate late matters that we just touch a on little bit where somebody has passed away so are in we one to sell so thing that you need the first need to do is you to make sure that you contact registered a estate agent that means that agent this estate needs to have a fidelity fund certificate the fidelity fund certificate is a licence its new you registered with the estate agency board affairs to make sure that the ageing you did that's dealing that with your fees property because your obviously your property investment is your biggest in your life whether whether you're use property living living a a property that that is is worth one hundred thousand we have a million thousand rand home that is persons biggest that investment so you sure your agent need to make is registered agency with the estate affairs board that's very important part because you did today people there is a lot of out there that is gaming people you and don't want to hand your your and pride joy that you've been or building for twenty thirty years a total stranger need and you to that know you that can you can ajen trust this trust ajen this the urgent and needs to explain to process a few going through the selling of property there is a few so to find things that you need out what the agent fund the fidelity certificate where they based obviously trustworthy you can obviously sense agent that when you when the come and see you and steps then the that needs to follow through is that the agent would come to your home and do a valuation so the valuation is sadly basically its it's called called lightstone or seem a that is a report that we get on our system that gives of us a breakdown what the recent sales area are in the so as much as you one amount x for your property rights and i want x amount for the property the more you'll get the more we earn but end of the day we need at the realistic to be because the obviously we've got a like i said lightstone we work with houses all the that was in this particular area cannot really we go maximum we need to with what the stats go are showing us today so that is called the lightstone need report we to have that also explain we need to to you what you when you are liable for arcelor there is costing bill would be that obviously your bond said what you owe the bill on your one the also have bank discharge your bond cancellation fee obviously you've so taken a bond out for twenty years might salad in five three years time or years time and then and the then bank the bank obvious to is obviously is going charge a fee so we the client would advise to place your bond the cancellation if we don't do obviously that the bank is going to charge you because a hefty penalty you've signed a twenty year contract the bank but now with you are selling two years or three years in the contract we place so the bond under cancellation for you the seller would be also liable for acts rates that needs to be up because to date when you sell your property new owners when he moves in it the needs rates needs be so zero so to be to zero obviously rates rates needs to be paid compliance certificates that would be electrical bitou plumbing certificates and so if you have political fencing if we have gas those them certificates to be an order needs before before you can sell the property register and then obviously agents commission the so every agency works different commission on a so that would be the cost towards the seller when they sell the property also very important important special conditions your special conditions your like i said these reasons why you would be selling a property so you're going to buy if another property special in that conditions must be this sale you subject to finding suitable accommodation if your not looking agent is after your interests and is only going to sell your property and bothered where he's not going you are going to them is to make it a sales straight so so you need to have an ageing make sure that when that sell you start when they their property they need make sure that this property is subject this subject suitable to finding accommodation and then obviously simultaneously once transfer so they secure your bio and you purchase another property but needs to be simultaneously otherwise i mean i've come to people's homes where they don't have any place to go to sellers have just so agents the house us just sold but have not put that clause in so it's very important that that clause needs to be put in subject to you finding suitable suitable accommodation accommodation right asking people are full contact numbers we the end have come to of the segment do it that we could bit longer problem i see that there are so many questions can do is but what we the next time you come in we'll definitely don't do it a bit longer so that we can focus questions that people on the also have contact numbers those numbers i'll give the cell numbers oh four eight six double seven eight four five nine office office now hours ours is to one o five o three to three we've a facebook page got as well which is moses nadia real estate and a website as well at www dot nadia properties dot co za dot dot co dot za right so is that zero eight four six seven seven four five eight nine officer was zero to to one zero five five zero three to zero three two three you three facebook can go on nadia moses a real estate agents you can go to or their facebook page which um sorry to their website which is www dot nadia property dot co dot za properties properties dot za she couldn't so much idea and to the listeners if there's any questions that they can just send it to the station and we will obviously look at it and call them back the okay awesome stuff lots of questions coming