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19 Nov 2020 @ 16h45 - lightstone

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difference with john perlman it's now ten minutes to five this property to by features brought outsurance smes out three five to three eight o now to switch to outurance and possibly if on save on your car your insurance car in sure okay into let's get what is something new here on seventy-two we are delighted to be talking property we're going and to do so in the company of our guest hayley islands downes of sales is head at lightstone and the issue we going to focus on is that people thing that are often confronted with buy a house they want to they want to get themselves some property an apartment perhaps but they think well i'm single i'm only on my own there's one income that's going this to be doing well lightstone terms has been been and looking looking into into this this and they've they've reported that single women largest make up the portion of real estate buyers in africa south so to get a better understanding this of hayley islands downes head of sales lightstone welcome at us it's good to have you with banks jan and lovely again to be here so i must admit many i was in years ago that situation single income single person wanting to buy house it is daunting is it just a matter of reassuring with numbers people or is the other advice you think that to hear people need to hear need about about buying a property first time for the and i think firstly just to run into that quickly is at the moment is probably one of the best time to buy so interest rates are at an all time low it's really affordable and if can buy rather you than rent then are absolutely you buying into an investment i just think secondly be important just to understand costs what the that are going to be involved not necessarily but just your payment on a bond but also payments for utilities so your electricity water have a really good understanding of what in terms your rainfall and then obviously location location is really important if you wanting be close to where you to to a work or close school really important that you understand that if we are looking at an example just as if for instance income you have an of fifteen thousand a month general principle there's a that banks thirty can't look look at at a a thirty percent percent of of bigger people salary towards the bond payment which would be about four month and a half and that could easily get your property of about five hundred and fifty thousand with a rand good good credit record and money available having you could certainly are you're that's what you looking at prices i would guess it's a it's a buyer's market does sometimes team it to though to think while was only planning i to spend expert spend x if i plus look do i could at what i can i do so much more more than than i might might have have imagined imagined twelve twelve months ago what's your advice on that because obviously the investment is there upside but the risk i would think is is at least equivalent absolutely this is i think where the person buying be really sure is to of their financial status so if you feel that you can extend slightly yourself to get a better property then timing would be right the now in terms interest it is of a buyer's market but we are not seeing prices dropping in of buyers of buyers the sense above lots above are going are to going be to getting be lots getting and we are seeing a property market that is really at the getting you actually some really good properties for amount a good that you paying so realistically as a good good is buying market but once again just linking into the risk factor over extend not to and always be mindful of costs additional that are not just your bond your levies your electrical your water all of those components and just in terms of of markets the are particularly good is this at the moment is country wide or we a large we have footprint of listeners in gauteng looking particularly what's good in this of south part of the africa in gauteng it's quite there is definitely a lot because of strain and was the lower in market which is really your kind of your three hundred thousand to eight up hundred thousand rand genuinely activity the big band and that hasn't changed we if anything that seen a tick up in that in if we look at specific areas looking at areas we're like soshanguve are looking at orchards grew where we we're looking at riverside view so those are the areas picking up that are specifically for buyers which is much in that price very band so those are areas active but moment even more so at the thanks very much hayley r&r opened downs islands are bigger pardon head lightstone of sales at joining us for our property feature here on seven o two afternoon drive dry drive home