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2020-07-17 18:34:41

17 Jul 2020 @ 18h30 - Granule Holdings

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this is the a country interesting one there is a company brand or new audi and this is interesting granule because holdings is a commodity trader out of the way their minds should go to etc retailers but before by doubling positive by gotten to the lockdown found saw a cause was the to how these smart helmet out asia was of being used to do to do screening where you can think of of like a fighter it sort pilots helmet adviser everything and and cameras on the side and basically the idea is that you can for give it example to this day siki guard is security guard or someone who or someone who is stands at entrance of like i'm building and it's able to do things like with temperatures can read up to two temperature hundred g fours within a minute that through sort of thing you can have a big after you can downstairs they arrested someone like a security guard or someone who stands as the entrance and literally as if this does in out and the pictures that of being was temperatures above whatever the threshold is it and sort of things gives you know most of passion then it also and just pause all files is bills targeted towards more around the enterprise market organisations because each unit is masters miners this achieved black under fifty thousand also rand and that does depends on current the current and exchange rates exchange rate state your and your ability in all the transporting the transporting costs because we know how hard it is at the moment they get the product in country is still this had a conversation with founder the founder of grand you always capouya those jeremy and they are quite interested in the estate a lot of interest bought bring them but it in and the first couple of case there is no is is though is in it's likely going to be of airports and office does interesting and let's talk about when exactly would it be available around good developments preventative measures are needed but availability a question that we is must ask well on what is in they do have municipal the some on country their first boston in these bottles as when bobby must level um level have been um by by door that's first the unit to the country where you will be name you know you know um premium stimulus for the are available to purchase very exposed and and then passionate you know you're very about was doing and is always and able willing to do a demo of or someone someone like the show them how houses was it's just looking and at those staying with the way that investors are spiking likely aware to be the best of both in especially in public areas or areas that are a lot of people in the because bottom income bottleneck of denel stopping and doing the individual temperatures checks that spend doing moment at the most in doing to hung two hundred up into and in a minute where people don't have have to to give give them them stop stop this those book book through and can only and only of planning is down business does above point forced to workplace get and then bring up the thing tembeka italia doesn't war is more it just in local on board elegant solution to that the way of the moving on now this value process gap is said to likely narrow if the is share included is included in the in top the index top index does so what all of that about while basically one of the things that still bedevilled naspers part is the fact that lasted market share high as as it is right because now you take naspers if and prosus and those are companies worth over forty billion rand just around forty around forty just is billion rand billion rand you look at them which crazy is a big because that south africa's g d p is is close to five or trillion rand sport but despite how big they are the aspects that actually that they actually old actually worth more than was what the actual share of both markets does actually they've shows so on those always gap between that's value that's actually the reason big is part of the reason why naspers creative process so it was that you used to reduce that gap between those those valuation do right seems now it the when when they listings made the first december last year the did required best of address dairy juice that that gap biased as time has gone on the these gap possessed growth with twelve point with twelve point estimated that system naspers has is a trading at forty percent discount as does mrs which process is trading at thirteen deep discount to net asset basically what's happening here is in europe that there is in the index's index's made big against the top forty but there there have in all the euro stoxx fifty and and processes since processes the biggest companies technology in europe at the moment there is the latest that they're going in this index and the moment that they do that lot of funds around a likely the world that are to start buying into posters and actually in off putting up their values for close that gap between their values versus was as healthy and progressive and progressive developments developments let's move on now let's i mean we know this name brian habana on the rugby field so that is bringing the fighter to traditional pay day lenders this app going fight what is on here no brainer banner and his partner businessman dr no break their started have actually up call does pay me now basically the way it works is that you if the know it's it's different from of payday loan because it's very easily