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9 Jul 2020 @ 18h15 - Totalstay

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very well the tourism business of south africa council and the south african services tourism association lobby for the reopening tourism of international in south africa by september health safety concerns and point towards more individual artistic way of travelling in future global surveys of hope for a glimmer how accommodation providers can actually can actually adapt themselves adapt themselves to this to new this normal we've invited ceo james woolies of totalstay which really specialises is a company that in service departments to share how this is spurring innovation in travel james and tourism welcome to the show by michael sachs so now what does the global deloitte tell us about survey how the travelers has changed since covid his how shores it shows us that there's been an improvement in sentiment recently however travelers still being cautious more discerning they are doing about where they they get go and how their fortunately they less focused price but on they more focused health than ever on and safety and a positive experience a brand from they preferring self contained spaces with less common touch points which is right there up in terms of the concerns think department i people might be the dark a little bit in as to exactly what apart hotels as they are known are because we've got airbnb we've got booking booking been been dot dot com com and and there's there's a a lot lot of blowing off between the lines the various offerings in and the market place there a relatively new edition are what exactly part hotels firstly good i think that's a building block so apartheid sales shortfall are short apartment hotels which have been commonly for some internationally years we launched we dames cape town's first apartheid style in twenty is fifteen which the verge apartheid's our sea quite essentially and they are complexes that venture are residential complexes car apartment complexes apartment that up with are set hotel like services and systems so we have twenty-four hour front desk years of our buildings some have pulled restaurant gym those types of common facilities and all of our apartments generally have wifi free parking laundry facilities ball catching etc so essentially the best of both worlds its women are assaulted and hotel and apartments you mentioned the airbnb not carmen and booking guys and those those guys those distribution are our distribution are our partners we worked closely so with those guys in our bookings to bring so it's you competing not as if directly with them they distribution partners for you and i guess many ask people would you what is the difference effectively between an airbnb or booking and apart hotel think you've just i described differences one of the big and that it it far really is a more service type of offering would get it that you say staying in a garden cautioned somewhere in a suburb medical system cs is one of our lives values our has multiple brand locks around cape town expanding and sensibly nationally and ja all of our apartments are service daily you get a consistent experience no matter which are our products you stand hotel grad linen towels amenities things like as well that as your your confusion your available staff needed how you adapting to covid-19 the need and and focus now for health safety if you and really you said the travellers said are the really travellers are to be going to be going looking quite closely so what that are accommodation providers doing this that's different time from before we relaxed our cancellation policy we've created more flexible terms and policies by agents through our again we have a big put focus on health safety and hygiene training and all the relevant things that are necessary according to government legislation as we've well as some our of partners our partners some of such as such airbnb have put together recommendations in terms of cleaning protocols like that and things so we lean of things on those types but ja it's just of the same been more in terms of upskilling staff or the relevant picky equipment flagging apartments of their and just stepping up cleanliness sure that to make whereas as safe again as possible for and james in general what is demanded mike obviously we can do anything hard lockdown and a have you have seen you seen a gradual a improvements gradual improvements as we've allowed more business travel certainly into provincial business travel and that kind of thing what's the business environment looking like currently or fortunate were quite in that whether parts hotels the fall we have back of regular apartments so pivoted we our offering slightly during lockdown we in that offer what we call sacci's days so those of stay between one and six months low leases regular by bookings by credit card the guys extended who wants it stays so we we've told a lot of our inventory with those types at the moment of stays subsequent to the lockdown easing restrictions we've we've had a number travellers of business and now some leisure travel starting come through to the uptake on that has been relatively slow because it's obviously competitive by fall back the into the flexi rentals what well what well was really because of this this time time especially especially the winter over demonstrating how businesses need to be flexible and agile and adaptable at like this a time when do you think and international that local travel will reach its levels pre covid again or it difficult to say mean i've seen numbers i thrown around day have every sometimes are saying come back we are going to to normal globally travel by in terms of twenty twenty three but we like to be more we optimistic and we that international travels hope going to open by september september and and ja ja we we believe believe that that there's up demand a pent from travel south africa the rate exchange is weak so it's a good opportunity for us to come here we've positive seen some start side of some of markets the us san diego they've recently experienced trouble the real boom since they opened up are their numbers up fifty percent on june last year so ja from our side we say that twenty twenty-one should total be a good year for standards parliaments and i think many africans had had south to really to really up leave store days as well say and as you there is a pent up demand lockdown as i think meant that are all of us in desperate need of a getaway if it's just a weekend even getaway what advice is largely jeyes would you have who for someone wants to plan a little year holiday end of or a long weekend getaway it a good time is to shop see what deals around and you can get industry's because the been so quiet would you see prices actually it hiked to travel as soon as we allowed again what's your advice think of there i some great specials the moment on offer at support your your local establishments support your your local booking channels and ja this is good opportunities around at the moment seen i've some great deals the on on some of up of some of the game farms and of course titles they've got offers some great on on our side great so ja great time to travel book now they'll you offer some credit time for some time into the future into the future it's time to travel locally absolutely and that's to do what we need to support our travel and tourism industry we certainly not seeing that kind support coming of from some of our bigger company insurance james willie ceo of totalstay this is classic business