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2020-07-07 14:38:25

7 Jul 2020 @ 14h30 - totalstay

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twenty-one one six three year listings large draghi vice thank you for turning into local fm the covid-19 broad pandemic global broad global to standstill a stance travel to travel a here in south africa various lobbying efforts are underway to reopen the country travel to international as soon as september this year according to latest but consumer surveys health and safety concerns although gradually lessening sil overshadow discretionary travel but there is a glimmer apart of hope has hotels maybe the solution for travelers the covid-19 during error to chat mobile this joined online by james i'm who co founder totalstay good afternoon of james welcome to our good show over afternoon going going very very good good base base does the james james firstly for what global deloitte's survey tell us about how the traveller has changed since covid our shores hit showing an improvement in sentiment towards travel however travelers are still being more cautious more discerning about where they go and how they get less focused on price on health more focused and safety and brands that preferring they self contained spaces where they can social distance practise like that what so what so are upholds hotels are and why to meet the ideal the needs of a pandemic traveller apartheid basically our short for apartment hotels her apartment and complexes that are run like with hotel hotels like systems and services the space she got and private here's a self contained department but you've got the common facilities a twenty-four such hour funders conspires daily cleaning facilities such as pull restaurant gym things those types of that's essentially the between best of it was an apartment and a hotel so eager to know what very will accommodation providers providing be this time that's different from what we're used to before so now post into the the covid covid ear we accommodation providing providers are more flexibility in terms of booking cancellation terms policies being not a strict more policy fundable is no deposits needed free cancellations until forty-eight hours up to arrive also a more ability flexibility in in lot that that regard regard and and a a on major major focus on health and safety protocols hygiene cleanliness better training of staff all those types of things a positive change raising everyone's the question on mind right now when do you feel a believe local and international travel its pre covid will reach levels again and why a good question i that's mean at the moment the hotel industry and accommodation industry has lobbying to have the industry and international travel opened by september this year but we but we don't know decision don't know hasn't been made yet and what we've seen internationally in us market the such a san diego better the experienced a travel post covid with the numbers up fifty percent from june last year expecting so them when it does open will will be positive be back to them that they will come normal but we exactly just don't know when that's going to be been a short well it's but informative just for your time james thank you thank you get created chat lunch break large regular more music let's get our right now