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2020-06-29 18:10:01

29 Jun 2020 @ 18h00 - Gerhard Papenfus

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cape town delayed payments allegations poverty of employers uif payments meant for workers and investigations of fraud or just some why the of the reasons covid-19 temporary employment relief scheme has dominated ters headlines over the last few days dr more malema manager responsible for monitoring and evaluation at the uif and papenfus chief of the national executive employers association and of south africa joins us now will kick as the june us off month then comes and let's start with goes the high level numbers much disposed has been dispersed how been from the fund from the fund and what is the backlog currently think michael and good evening to classic fm lebogang just to give you a feel on where we today we've declares twenty-seven billion twenty rand to hold point eight million workers represented by five hundred and for a company just to or reflect to reflect the on the on the on feedback feedback the backlog you are talking on about currently have about nine hundred and seventy six thousand including that we still needs to verify could not confirm the employer is the rates received from our amount is close to these employees promote to fall below four hundred and nine thousand companies her out i'm going to university unfortunately i don't beyond on the baseline the moment at you conduct by weekly surveys your members what of does this revered the uif state of ters benefit incur although michael i think our surveys is quite accurate since beginning the we e the share the slow the progress as it is today it there's more showed that fifteen percent of employees sub employers haven't you there are a broad uif monies and forty-four percent may haven't received ten monies that's that's that's the figure is an awfully that large figures what is being done to ensure that this backlog with we is dealt had a robbery of business for south africa saying there was a huge blockage in the u filing system is being rectified okay let me think i think let me clarify thirteen firstly there've battle we are talking about the nineteen seventy six thousand about assume we that we don't have records of employees from our sister companies never deployed fifty d in our it five years ago we go can and then also what we on did further this because they said uif the have been the paying and delivery building a we took for far the filed to say next year the including here are the opinion that the they've been killed i have you kindly kordofan confirm the we can employer employee relationship recruitment indeed back to came us and then concerned about eighty seven percent of the l that we do to and the rest of this things that i'm talking about it a far it's could not confirming could not our that not even on database which now is the administrative burden to us which is been something that could have done sometimes higher private because also just we can to urban it eight out ten of of these employees that are being are we using what you call the mangaung declarations will to which now we still have capture to information from our sixteen we can so that really we are currently now trying to to to also look the system so that we can fast track to confirm declaration the from our side on the u filing