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2020-06-16 13:40:58

16 Jun 2020 @ 13h30 - Granule Holdings

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conversation the smart way this is cape talk talk come back to the show employers and authorities have stepped up covid-19 measures since screening the country went into level lockdown three as most economic sectors like banking retail mining and manufacturing have resumed so has the testing been stepped up however screening thousands of people per day has put a huge strain on resources thanks to is a new device that south now available in south in africa mass africa nersa screening of people become has just a lot easier this makes useful it especially in densely populated residential areas where dispensing is social difficult to maintain of infection and the risk is high the kc n nine o one or nine zero one smart can helmet scan the temperatures hundred of up to two people every minute received and has been well by authorities in countries such as china italy the netherlands and dubai me capouya ceo the of granule holdings is the distributor of the helmet in south africa and us now he joins on the line welcome show jeremy to the good afternoon to the listeners good afternoon to and bianca our you today fine thank i'm you how you doing very a little bit good surely in joburg be happy to talking to to to to that us a little bit tell about what is this helmet sure the kc n901 a smart how much is helmet unlike it any other it its simplicity in its simplicity in a home its to be it's wall on one's head with the core function of being screening a fast of see those in public spaces will be vital it in the fight against koeberg what makes the home it really unique as it can screen up to two per hundred people minute from a range of five metres and a helmet versatile they can an indoor be used or outdoor environments and the visibility on the inside of the data shoulders affected by any not sunlight or affected time by night darkness turner in emerging capabilities abilities as well the main as use of the harm that will obviously be for firmer scaling has also built for it has bolton art and artificial intelligence what facial recognition and identity verification which is another unique feature on the whole matters that they can also generate a cure code whereby anybody's personal records of temperature be allowed to will be stored on the database or through a paperless logging system it look like it looked like what does i mean where can we go to look at it is a website there's unity yet another at look the granule dot co dot za website and is it like like a you'd where when helmet that you ride a bike or how much motorbike as is it looked like that it is a carbon fibre home it has has face shields and on the inside of officials at heads up display that can have multiple functions from single gemalto person it's a trained to multiple people scan temperature monitoring and i also has some really amazing features whereby we can not only just monitor people's human temperature but you can monitor utilities transformers like or anything in the engineering space where where maintenance is required on assets the summit has the ability to generate secure the assets code for and keep a database lots all of all the temperature things every screenings every time somebody time somebody wearing helmet one passes wearing the it so it picks up hit within a certain distance correct one hundred percent right okay so what does it cost so the cost the technology is amazing to i firstly start their basically the technology with with artificial intelligence and augmented reality it's at it's at forefront of the forefront of the technology the technology has been deployed only for about eighty two days globally around the world to the car getting getting to the costs my disclaimer obviously it's going to be dependent on a number of units an application ordered the technologies because remarkable but the coffers region of about in the one hundred and sixty thousand rand per unit whose it aimed at saying anybody it we cannot so as to whether assist whether its corporate its corporate hospitals office parks buildings airport entry points exit point stadiums anybody that we can get our technology front of in because we believe that this technology as a game by game changer really and we sincerely believe it against can help the fight it's the way forward how accurate it is it's accurate up to ninety-six percent the screening on of so speed far the home to up to eight hundred some people after globally a very successful launch in china uae roll the that out to dubai is now the netherlands and testing and the niger rolled out has as well and are every day we are finding new new new countries the world around taking to this technology of a lot interest locally being absolutely swarmed moment at the we are trying to work through all of the enquiries and get to everybody we because working in twenty-four two thousand and make sure seven to make four sure seven to we that we can do our that on the fight against efforts poverty rights always in stock something that you order according to interest because it's such an expensive item we'd do have a few we units in stock but generally depending on the application they get deployed from from the factory with the application that's going to that used be set up to be so so depending if you need one units or you need a a lot rollout of of hundred units units five five hundred we we work very closely with kc wearables the supplier and china and packages we tailor made according to industry institution and clients requirements and it's called the pac nine zero one smart helmet correct balance that is correct you so much for thank your time jeremy capouya of granule holdings telling us about smart this new helmet that can take the to two temperatures up hundred people every minute access access